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Canadian Business in India

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Originally posted by adamthorat

Most Canadians are scared of investing in India due to the corruption , rupee volatility , red tape and bureaucracy, rude and arrogant and unethical and dishonest people.

Whatever business venture they will start will be a major flop due to all the above.

You will need hundreds of permissions and licenses and visiting low level corrupt BABUS sitting in customs, income tax offices, gov offices asking for bribes etc before any work gets done in India :(

The quality of work is also not there in India. Work never gets done on time and budget and the quality is also lacking when it comes to India :(

Very correct. and thats what BJP govt. should concentrate on. Modi should first spend 1-2 years in cleaning the house before extending invitations to not only Canada but by all means, to whole world to come to India. What he is trying currently is already tried earlier by MMS without much success because internally we have rotten way of working. People will once again return back from the doors itself. It smells bad inside.

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