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Olympic - What is in China that India lacks

Senior Desi
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Location: India.

Is it true that, in China the price of rice have not gone up since 1950s? In India for majority of the population making both ends meet itself is a medal winning achievement. May be if we need not have to worry about the essentials we too can concentrate more on Olympics.

Post ID: 126020 16-08-08 07:05:50
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Senior Desi
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Chinese do not play stupid cricket but they are very active in athlete, and gymnasium and winning gold medals; They are determined and goal oriented. India needs a strong intellectual leader to guide them to a better tomorrow. Presently India is not utilizing the manpower properly. Indian are very active in dirty politics and spoiling the country the directly and slowing down the other parts of the world indirectly.

I am new

Post ID: 126036 16-08-08 22:16:39
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 05

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Originally posted by ramar2005

Is it true that, in China the price of rice have not gone up since 1950s? .

Not that it is related to the topic directly but this is not true


The price of 25 kilograms of standard rice from Northeast China was marked 80 yuan (US$9.7) in a wholesale market in Futian on Tuesday, a 23-percent increase compared to the 65 yuan in January.

Post ID: 126037 16-08-08 22:39:14
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Senior Desi
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Olympics, from Indian point of view, are unfair. When Lalu was asked why India did not win medals, he pointed out that Olympic is not seccular. When Paswan was asked , he opined that since the judges are not Muslim, the games are unfair. When Arjun Singh was asked the question, he opined that since there is no reservation , olympic should be banned. CPM, of course, came up with the best solution: Merge India with China and we are winners!
Now you know why India does not do as well as China.

Post ID: 126048 17-08-08 10:22:26
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