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Sell Property with Aadhar Card being required

Smiley: Great link .. Thanks
Many: 20% plus some small cess.
Smiley: Do you know what the TDS rate is for an NRI ?
Many: It helps to have a real-estate agent to execute a sell-buy transaction. He takes care of all required formalities for a consideration of course(commission). Yes there is TDS for an NRI (Mumbai experience)
Smiley: Thanks for your Info I need to sell and not buy ...
Full House: Here is what I heard today. So, please verify the same as soon as you can. Reason is.: That the Real estate Transaction is an illquid asset with low yields and high cost of sales transaction. It is not so easy to find a buyer.

RRSP after returning to India

Full House: It is always a privilege to be of service to you. Hope it helps you a little bit. Now taking into account that the interest that you pay there for Principal borrowed, you will do better by just taking
goingbacksoon: I am a Canadian with OCI status. I will be leaving for good in a few years. I will be returning in my 40s so I assume the age related deductions you referred to won't apply. I expect I will need to withdraw my RRSP amount (could be close to 75K) within an year of arrival to buy a property.
Full House: I know that you are an NRI. Are you a Canadian Citizen with an OCI Card? Are you leaving Canada for Good or just moving out for Six/Seven months of the year like the SNOWBIRDS do. Knowing that you are
goingbacksoon: Thanks for your advice. I also looked at the avenue of finding an accountant, who deals with such things but an hour of google search didn't lead me anywhere. I think it confirms your statement that it

All we need to know about NRE / NRO Account

Full House: We all get hammered now and then..: Here is a Bolt from the Blue (Or is it from the Blacks?) "LONG TERM CAPITAL GAINS EXCEEDING RS 1 LAKH WILL BE TAXED AT 10% WITHOUT INDEXING " Read more
ChandraGupt: LINK in my case I have few Fixed Deposits(in rupees) & planning to sell my Mutual funds in India(in rupees) so can't convert ordinary account to NRE , only option is
MITRON: If you are sending money from Canada to India in CAD $ i.e foreign exchange coming in from abroad, NRE is better. On NRE there No tax, No TDS, No need to file a return to get TDS back with Indian IT,
ChandraGupt: I think NRO account is better for OCI card holders like me (as per my situations)..

AdharCARD - OCI- MutualFund in INDIA

ChandraGupt: those OCI card holders without AdharCard still have Mutual funds in india-its time to sell MF as 31st march2018 is last date to link adhar & save Capital gain tax LINK क्या
MITRON: Its just an automated email, which they keep sending, so ignore it.
ChandraGupt: CAMS- Mutual Funds service-keep sending such emails to all customers-I received 4th time I guess. - Dear Investor, As per Prevention of Money-Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment
Full House: Quoting of Aadhaar is now mandatory for performing many important tasks. *"Are you aware that you can also receive a copy of your Aadhaar card in digital form?" You can use the digital Aadhaar


Latest Replies

Renewing PR online - not enough space on to provide full travel history

Full House: Hope this helps. Form.: LINK CHECK LIST..: Please send a copy with the filled Application. LINK FEES.:
vips: The online form has only 6 slots however i have travelled 20 times. The form says contact our office but i have been unsuccessful to do so as could not find a number to call them the website! any help and guidance shall be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Processing time for sponsoring parents

MITRON: They might have capped the number of applicants, but they still have a huge back log which they first have to get rid off, before they come to the 2018 applicants. Plus Trudeau is busy bringing Syrian refugees in this country , 40,000 have been brought so far..more yet to come. Although the initial target was only 25,000 Syrian Refugees.
nntksv: Thanks Mitron and Many for your comments. Since they have capped the number of applicants under the lottery system, I mistakenly thought that they might have made the processing faster.
Many: Mitron has answered all. They can come here on a Visit visa/Super Visa while their sponsorship is receiving"attention" If they can support themselves financially while under your sponsorship, good for both; else they fall back on you for support.
MITRON: 1. Yes there will be a medical. The process won't be much different than, when you came here as a PR. Pretty much the same steps & documents & tests they will have to go through. The only difference here is you are sponsoring them. so for at least the next 10 years they can't go on welfare or anything & have to depend upon you financially.

Not allowed to board the aircraft

MITRON: Visit the FLYER TALK forum, lot of knowledgeable posters over there, who might be able to guide you. LINK
MITRON: Was the : Status : Confirmed ??? Was an E-Ticket number actually given to you ? Sometimes they just give you a PNR number & Itinerary print out - without any actual E-Ticket number or Status : Confirmed. Airlines are notorious for overbooking flights and then bumping off passengers, especially the ones who book on Air Miles or other discounted tickets.
goldeneye: I recently planned to go to India. the travel agent gave me reservation and confirmation code etc. when i went to airline there was no ticket issued. i had to travel a day later with 500 dollars more fare Airline agents at the airport check in counter cannot do anything without a issued ticket. You
new_migrant: Please share similar experiences and how I can approach the airlines for justice. What is the course of action I have in this situation.

My experience moving back to India

zindabad: Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute Madhurai There is a hospital which is like a 5 star Hotel and that is Velammal Hospital at Madhurai. This message was published by a Lawyer who took his co-employee for a treatment and he was awestruck and has shared his experience with others.
Full House: You are 100% correct and my rightful place should be close to a Financial Center that enables me to get to know a lot of the Knowledgeable people and the Industrialists close by. And with the advent of the High Speed Rail between Mumbai and Ahmadabad I am sure the distances will shrink all the more, as time progresses. You can't escape seeing me or hide after that.
Blue_Peafowl: FH Why u want to go south ? You are not IT guy. Ur hv good investment knowlege. It will be enificier for you to stay between Gujarat and Mumbai border. Financial hub :😁
Full House: Thank you for the pointers and leads. I will research and delve a little deeper before utilizing their services and taking up a place. Looks like that the things are on the up and up. Enjoy your stay. Regards, FH.

Getting married on tourist visa with an international Student

Full House: If you both can accomplish to obtain a Marriage Certificate, the soonest, then, you can speed up all of the process to get an entry into the University for her Studies by middle of August to British Columbia. I am sure she has an acceptance letter already to a University there. The Police Clearance in India needs a good 60 days.
ritesharma2001: Thanks FH If I get married in India this December and my girlfriend being on a student visa. By when I can go to Canada? I would like to know how much time it takes?
Full House: IF both of you are well educated and currently hold TOEFL, get in through the Express Entry into Canada. Time taken 8-12 months. If any one of you are holding a job in a well demanded category, then, sooner. Cost of Education for an Immigrant is less than HALF that charged to Non Immigrants. The funds will go a long way.
ritesharma2001: Thank you FH for the reply. If it's going to take 12 months than what will you suggest among the options below : 1. Getting married on tourist visa (which you just replied to) 2. Getting a PR individually. 3. Get married in India and then apply for the open work permit As per your knowledge which will be the best and fastest?

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Work permit on spouse student visa

ritesharma2001: Hello, I girlfriend is studying in Canada Vancouver. And we are getting married in Jan 2019. I would like to ask regarding the process of applying for a work permit. 1. Should I travel on a tourist visa and then apply when in Vancouver for my work permit? If yes how much time does this process takes from the time I apply until the time I receive the permit? 2. Another option is I apply from outside Canada. Currently, i am studying in HK and might get a job here only. So can I apply from HK only or do I have to apply from India? If anyone can help it will be nice. Thank you,

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