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Can you help me in understanding Job opportunities in Canada.

Junior Desi
Member since: May 10

Posts: 29
Location: UK


I am looking for part time jobs within the retail, sales sector. I have a masters degree and have worked in London/UK within a university, which required hands on customer service skills. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Thanking everyone in advance.


Post ID: 203945 21-02-13 22:33:14
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 05

Posts: 5740
Location: God's own country

Hi Dotty,
It is surprising to note that even though you came from UK, you were not able to find a job in the GTA. Then just imagine the position of people who immigrated to Canada from India.
To give you a tailor made solution, You must provide us with the following details :
1. Male or Female
2. Age range.
3. Salary expected
4. Cildren below 16 years (number)
5. If spouse is there.

and we can advise accordingly on govt. benefits or jobs.

Having lived in the GTA for 9 years, I can advise you on the following:
1. If you have trouble in finding food, there are a lot of soup kitchens and food banks.
2. Factory jobs (heavy lifting work) are the easiest to find and pays around $ 12 an hour.
3. If you are a female, working in Tim's / MacD is an option.

If you need a professional job (working in an office), then we need more information about your qualification etc.. Of course, you can always work as a receptionist / front desk help etc...

When I immigrated to Canada in 2002, every day I used to go to Shopping centres to see if I can get a job. Unfortunately, every day I used to eat KFC / Drink and lose around $ 50 (incl. busfare) a day. My friends used to sit at home, eat home cooked food and laways browse and apply for jobs. They started with factory jobs and found contacts and moved up the ladder. Another one used to work for cash in a gas station in the night and look for jobs in the morning.
So get creative.

Peace by Murali

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

Post ID: 203953 22-02-13 03:57:59
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 296
Location: Alberta

There are good opportunities outside GTA & Ontario . Think about Regina , Saskatooon , Calgary , Edmonton , Red deer , Fort Mcmurray , Medicine hat , Lethalbridge . Its not easy to earn and save in GTA . Better move out of GTA and try on mentioned places , sure there are jobs and you can save some bucks also . If we struggle to meet our ends in GTA then its OF no use to migrate canada . In this situation it is better to go back to India .

Post ID: 203966 22-02-13 13:43:50
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