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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > Got a job offer at Ahmedabad worth INR 15 lac, seeking advice to move back?
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Got a job offer at Ahmedabad worth INR 15 lac, seeking advice to move back?

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Originally posted by backtoindia

We are a small family of 3, with son (10 yrs old). I am working in one of the leading companies in a management position.. Apart from my Engineering degree/MBA from India, I acquired another MBA degree from Canada..Wife is working as an occasional teacher (difficult to get a permanent teacher position here)

Income is not bad.. never went into factory jobs.. always had white collar jobs..Was marketing head in a reputed company while in India..moved nearly 6 yrs back..

Just received offer from a reputed company in Ahmedabad for 15 lacs pa.. seems lucrative, so want to go back..

Can you pl. provide your thoughts??


It is since long this question was asked. I am not sure what person have done so far. But 15 lakhs salary what>
Is it a 15 lakh a BASIC or 15 lakh CTC?

If it is CTC then 15 lakh is nothing.
Even I can easily get 20 lakh but in banglore, which is not my home town

I am not sure how much r u earning here. in case it is 6 digit white collar job in CAD. Then go for minimum 30 lakhs CTC. Most compines in india only offer in CTC. Also I assume you have house free in Ahmedabad


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Honestly, I will move back. Rather than writing word like moving "back", I will consider it will be a moving "smart" decision.

15 lacs is a strong point, as fas as the salary/income is concerned.
If one is earning less than $4000.00/pm - in hand (in Canada), and getting 15 lacs in India, it will be a smart move to India. Indian Pay packages are envied in world, now!!!

Whether you have Canada Passport or no received Passport yet, does not matter. It will be a "smart" move.

Children education, as far as Ahmedabad is concerned, it is great. There are many international schools, with better English than North America. Also consider that in Canada, only 12-18% of student reaches to Unioversity.

Even if one is earning >$4000.00/pm in Canada, ask yourself, are you comfortable in social/family/professional life in Canada.

If I were you, I won't even think for a day. As I live in Canada with around $2200.00/pm - in hand. Job stress and insecurity is tremendous. I will move forward towards India, once I get INR 40000.00/pm in my hand (Pre tax), ...for sure.

Many DC (Deshi Canadian) want to enjoy home country but, either they dont have job in India OR they are afraid of society (what will I answer them?!!) Decision of moving "forward" to India, needs guts!! Honestly, most of WE, Indians have mentality to pull down any other Indian. Rather than, providing honest opiion, many always think...."omg, he/she is forwarding in a better position/decison....he/she will be more comfortable/earning.... let's pull him/her down...." ;)

In the beginning, you may find some teething prob, in India, as far as few issues are concerned. But, they are very FEW and in Canada, there are MANY issues. Remember your beginning in Canada?????

aND if you have Canadian PP, your son can return, if he wants, after completion of his studies, in India.

MOST inportant, please ASK / OBSERVE your HONEST Indian frnd's children, more that 16 years of age, who are bought up/born in CND. I am sure, you will get your answer..... :) ... to forward to Ahmedabad.

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