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ERP Market : Myths and Reality

Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 03

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Location: Toronto

May be related to the topic, may be not, but can anyone tell me what are the chances of a person getting a job as an accountant with operational (or do you call it functional?) experience of about 9 months in FICO and a bit in MM??



Advice is free lessons I charge for!!

Post ID: 85029 06-09-06 09:11:09
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Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 05

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You have to take into consideration the # of SAP Implementations. In most cases, if you have SAP R/3, then you also have SAP-BW and SAP XI. However in Canada, there are a lot more companies using non-SAP products due to size, cost and maintenence.

Infact a lot of companies have multiple platforms. i.e SAP and non-SAP and have been using 3rd party products like Informatica, Cognos & B. Objects or Oracle which have connectors to SAP for their DHW Projects.

It's now mostly a matter of preferences as to what DHW tool is used - infact they all get the job done. SAP BW includes these entities called Business Content - which are pre-defined structures that let you integrate SAP data easily and I believe now SAP BW 7.0 has the ability to integrate with non-SAP systems.

There is a late player in the DHW game. Microsoft. However if you know Microsoft - most of the time, the start late and finish first. Take a serious look at their Business Intelligence Suite which includes all 3 aspects of DHW
SQL Integration , SQL Analysis & SQL Reporting. Talk in the DHW world is that they are poised for a take-over of the market from Cognos and B.Objects.

With a lot of collaboration between SAP and MS with a product called Duet - I wouldnt be suprised the next evolution being Data Warehousing, Reporting and Client Relationship Management.

Post ID: 85039 06-09-06 10:59:34
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 04

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Location: Toronto

Hopefully, this thread has taken a turn for the better thanks to the moderators in modifying the title and some positive contributions from folks.

Thanks Fido, Thunder Desi, lana2005, Chandresh, gsc and of course our sheriff BL for pulling this thread out of the doldrums.

So here're some possibly interesting debates that we could focus on based on Chandresh's query and a remark in one of the previous posts from lana2005:

As a hiring manager or someone that can influence hiring decisions on their PROJECT, given a choice, who would you hire ?

1. As Chandresh had asked :
An accountant with operational/ functional experience of about 9 months in FICO and a bit in MM AND RELEVENT SOFT SKILLS (eg : Communication skills, Project mgt experience.....)
Note : I'm going to add that this person has worked in various jobs IN CANADA for at least a couple of years and comes across as being able to \"fit in\" with the team dynamics


2. AS lana2005 had indicated in one of her posts
\"Experienced newly immigrated ERP professionals\"
AT A CHEAPER RATE (since \"they generally do not know the going market rate\";)

So who would you hire ? Do the greater technical/ functional skills (as the case may be) swing the decision in favour of the experienced professional or would you rather have the right fit in the team (in spite of the 'pervieved' gap in ERP skills?

Seeing this scenario in an ERP context, would you say that hardcore skills in ERP or the lack of supply of the skills in the market far outweigh the need to have the right soft skills ? I would think that in a non-ERP environment, the profile that Chandresh had raised would be the choice for a lot of hiring managers (as I've seen in lots and lots of cases).

Your comments, folks...

Post ID: 85067 06-09-06 17:44:58
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Senior Desi
Member since: Feb 06

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Location: Toronto

My opinion on some of the things:

1) If you are experienced accountant and do some SAP courses and looking for job as Accountant and not ERP implementer. I donot have much experience with this but I would think it all depends on situation e.g. if you go for interview at employer who has SAP and you are trained in SAP. You will get more score if the other candidates do not have SAP training and are on par with education & qualification with you. However, if the other candidate has experience in the industry of hirer without SAP he may have an edge over you. It depends on so many other things as well.

2) I have given resumes of many friends in ERP area to my company. What I found was that the people with a lot of Canadian ERP experience already have much higher salaries and hence were demanding more and hence were not successful in getting the jobs. At the same time, i have seen many new immigrants with ERP experience from other countries like New Zeland, India and Japan have got jobs and little chatting gave me an impression that they asked for lot less money than Canadian ERP experienced folks.

3) Even in ERP area, the days of specializing in few modules are over. Now, you need to know multiple modules to reduce the costs. Generally one consultant will handle multiple modules. You also need to know newer modules. Same old AP, AR, GL is not attractive anymore.

Post ID: 85074 06-09-06 18:45:05
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 04

Posts: 22
Location: Toronto

I guess zeroing in some of the ERP characteristics of the ERP market in Canada :

1. Market is relatively much smaller compared to the US (like any other skill set - IT or non-IT)
2. The market has enough room to absorb pros with cross-fuctional experience (eg : A combination of SD & MM) or a combination of functional & technical experience (eg : MM & ABAP).
3. Due to the over supply in the general ERP areas, hiring decisions are generally done only at the right price.
4. To break into the ERP market is getting tougher unless you have the right contacts to \\\"pull you in\\\" and 'shepherd' your intial assignments (after which you can happily call yourself a seasoned ERP professional :( ) or in some cases you resort to unethical means of getting hired
5. There are emerging focus areas/ niche markets within ERP like DW, BI etc where cross functional experience with the same vendor products is preferred.
6. Emerging technology areas (as given above) may be good target areas for those that want to break into the field (assuming that they have other trnasferable skills that they can bring into the job)
7. The US market due to the sheer size and lack of supply can absorb less qualified pros and is ready to bear the learning curve (provided of course (to quote gsc), that your cousin in the US is on the same project - no pun intended)
8. ERP is one of the few technology areas where Certifications are still held in high esteem.
9.Some of the hindrances for new entrants into the ERP market are unrealistic expectations (doing a 6 week crash course, get a job), lack of appropriate soft skills (eg : Communication), doctored resumes :cuss: leading to a stereotyping/ general perception in the market of people of a specific background.
10. For those with generic/ scalable skills, change in technology has minimal impact since the transition to the emerging technology is a \\\"piece of cake\\\" ;)

These is just my perception of the market based on due diligence and on input from other folks on the forum. Kindly add to these so as to get a better picture of the market.

Post ID: 85079 06-09-06 21:17:38
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 04

Posts: 27
Location: Canada

This is related to the first post of this topic!

I had a very bad experience of this so called ERP job guranteed training.. LOST MY $1500 TO

Please be very very careful while dealing with this company!

Promised to find a job after completion of the course and fled away to US after taking the money, although, he did complete the course. I have excellent IT background and even ERP (but not SAP, but b2). Wanted to get IT job and thought of gaining some SAP experience.. Met this guy thru some ad.. had complete faith in him the way he told us (we were 3) to get a job as soon as the training is done.. I wish I had read this post before!!

Just a word of caution for those who falls into such wrong promises!

Post ID: 85315 10-09-06 16:11:46
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Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 05

Posts: 4

What I think we need to do is post the names of the indiviuals running the institutes.

Often I find the same guys start out under different names.

Different sites - Same address.

They use an executive office with no commitment so that they can leave anytime.

Post ID: 85469 13-09-06 10:32:44
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 06

Posts: 2

My experience in ERP
Looking at this title of this post I would like to share my experience as an SAP Consultant. I came to Canada 4 yrs back after leaving a good job (not in IT) back home and ended up working as a Security Guard for a year and then went to a Canadian B-School. Things did not work out and I was unemployed till the last term of my MBA. Then getting into SAP came to my mind. I did a lot of resarch on thes institutes in Canada. However, I was not confident of these training Institutes in the GTA area, so I went to Gennovate, Mumbai for training. Although the cost of training was Rs.2.5 lacs + airfare and other costs came to around $10k. Well I was having a line of credit from a Canadian Bank, thanks to the MBA program.

The SAP traning in Gennovate was very good and I passed the Certification Exam after 5 weeks of training. Meanwhile I also got my H1b processed through a body shopper. I returned Canada after the training and started looking for job. All employers were looking for SAP implementation experience, which I did not have. At this point, I had no other option but to modify my Resume with 5 yrs of SAP implementation experience. Immediately I started getting calls and landed into a project in US. The salary of $100k was well beyond my expectations.

Initially, everyday I used to be very sacred of getting kicked out from the project, actually there was a desi guy in my project who was sacked within 7 days from joining. Well none of those things happened to me and I survived in the job for about 18 months and left it when I got a better offer from one of the big 5 consulting companies. Today I am in the same job with a base salary of $100k+

I liked the post of Jai_bharat where he mentioned " To break into the ERP market is getting tougher unless you have the right contacts to \\\"pull you in\\\" and 'shepherd' your intial assignments (after which you can happily call yourself a seasoned ERP professional ) "

This was exactly my case. Whenever I was in trouble, I used to call a friend who bailed me out during my first 6 months. Now after 2 years, I advice the same friend on some of his SAP problems.

Hope my experience will help some of you guys to get into SAP.

Post ID: 92262 28-12-06 18:37:10
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 04

Posts: 22
Location: Toronto

Thanks for sharing your experience here, chonku_11. It definitely draws attention to the realities of the market. Your challenges are reflective of those that any newbie faces when looking to get 'foot in the door'.

Hopefully your post will resurrect this thread after I'd made some futile efforts to keep this going at a steady pace.

ERP gurus out there ! Would you be kind enough to share your experiences with the rest of the CDs. Please throw in your 2 cents.....



Post ID: 92276 28-12-06 23:08:45
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 06

Posts: 1

scam or real ??
I have been reading this post from the perspective that I am/was thinking of taking a plunge into SAP ERP. I am basically confused by two very different extremes - we have desi 'institutes' asking for fees ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 and on the other extreme are some US IT guys offering free SAP training (catch is you have to work for them for a contracted period). If ERP market is overflowing with newbees then why and how these opposites are co-existing? Please enlighten this tormented soul.

Post ID: 92309 29-12-06 10:02:57
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