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Drishyam - Papanasam - Drishyam

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There is a Hindi version (remake) staring Ajay Devgan. Non Tamils and Malayalee's should watch that film. I am also told that there is a Telugu remake of that film.

Between Dhrishiyam and Pappanasam (to those who know neither Malayalam nor tamil), they should watch Dhrishiyam (M). Mohanlal's performance to too good.

However for Tamils, they should watch Pappanasam as Kamal is too good in the Nellai language. Many critics are crediting Kamal for speaking like a native speaker.


(Disclaimer - Never seen any versions of this movie)

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

Post ID: 224501 16-07-15 07:38:40
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Senior Desi
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Dhrishiyam one of the best best movie by Mohanlal.


Post ID: 224518 16-07-15 12:09:03
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Senior Desi
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Location: India.

Seen only Papanasam. All actors of the movie, just came out of the screen and stood in 3 dimensions long after the movie was over. Especially, those doing support roles like that of the victim girl, her kid sister, Ananth Padmanabhan, his IPS wife, tea shop vendor, Kalabavan as the police constable. Very rare that all artistes succeeding in the same movie, the story and screen play giving scope for the same. Lesson for Kamal, thoguh he started his career with off-beat movies fell into the trap of commercial story telling.

Post ID: 224989 25-07-15 20:47:44
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