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Co-op programmes


I just wanted to enquire if anybody had any opinion on the Dufferin-Peel adult co-op programs. Has anybody done their co-op training there and do they have any positive or negative experiences?

Are there any better programmes?

Thank you.


Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 03
Posts: 21

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Mishtar India
Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 03

Posts: 668
Location: Toronto

Hi Vygodsky,

Some time back i had started a thread on co-op programs and there were some articles and responses on dufferin-peel. Check it out.

Go thru the articles and the post by other members, thier experience at dufferin peel was good but not so good at the bank where shw was placed. However, i gues thats achance one got to take sometimes. We have a co-op person from China these days in our dept and the HR people are encouraging everyone to help her out and make her familiar with different depts in the company, they are even paying her for her time and it looks like she will be hired after the program gets over.
I'd say its a mixed bag of experience with the co-op programmes.

Another question for you , if you dont mind my asking, what is your country of origin ? because that can make some difference as well.

Hope this helps.

What can be imagined, can be achieved.

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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

Posts: 21

Desi, all the way, Mishtar India...

I did read the link that you suggested and since there is only one related to Dufferin-Peel, I do not know how to take it.:(

Wondering if any other CDs have had experience with co-op programmes anywhere else!

I was just exploring this as a possibility to interact with people, from any other culture, as well as our own. It would be good to meet people of any culture and talk to them...

Of course, any co-op work experience would also be appreciated.

If you could think of any other organisations that could assist me in this effort, do let me know.

Thank you:D

Post ID: 18503 30-06-04 20:51:55
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Senior Desi
Member since: May 04

Posts: 661
Location: in the heart of Mrs Saga

I atended their course for two long months, sacrificed my time and money, did not even get anything out of their classess, nor any placement offers! They simply said that it was very difficult for them to find a placement for engineers.
I would define them as another family business sponsored heavily by the government (Dufferin Peel Mississauga) 8000 CAD per immigrant.
I had a bad experience. From my class of 40 people, only two students got placements. Perhaps there are people who have had better experience out there. The statistics for my class were poor! :(
In fact I proposed to our class that we go out and complain to the HRDC about the programme and the specific instructors over there and the poor management; but all just went their own ways.

Deal With Reality or Reality Will Deal With You

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