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Congratulations to NDA!!!

Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 02

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Excellent story and I am sure that such unbias POVs are more important in making a person than the sold out media.

Thanks for sharing.

Hurat Honani Murat!

Post ID: 213106 04-06-14 16:28:00
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Full House
Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 12

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WHAT A RESOUNDING SPEECH. It was heart warming.

Smriti Irani is an Indian politician and former model, television actress and producer.
Smriti Zubin Irani will handle Human Resource Development Ministry.

Smriti Irani is an Indian politician and former model, television actress and producer. She is the current Minister of Human Resource Development in the Narendra Modi led NDA government

Irani joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2003. In the 14th Lok Sabha elections in 2004, she contested unsuccessfully against Kapil Sibal from the Chandni Chowk constituency in Delhi. She became vice-president of the Maharashtra Youth Wing in 2004.

She has been nominated as executive member of the central committee for five times and had been appointed as National Secretary. In December 2004, Irani threatened to "fast unto death" until Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi resigned, blaming him for BJP's electoral losses.

However she later retracted this demand after BJP's central leadership threatened to take action against her. In May 2009, Irani while campaigning for Vijay Goel's candidature in New Delhi, voiced her concerns about the safety of women in the capital. She advocated capital punishment for rapists as a deterrent.

In early 2010, Irani was appointed as the National Secretary of the party and on 24 June, she was appointed as All India President of the BJP's women's wing, BJP Mahila Morcha.In August 2011, she was sworn in as a Member of Parliament from Gujarat to the Rajya Sabha.In the same year, she also led the BJP's women's wing in Himachal Pradesh.

Irani contested the 2014 general elections against the Indian National Congress' Vice President, Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.[20] She lost the election, with Gandhi holding the seat with a reduced margin of victory of 1.07 lakh votes.



Post ID: 213128 05-06-14 21:01:35
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Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 04

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Location: India.

Not to be outdone by the "Chaiwala" and "Hitler" remark made by M.S.Iyer, it is now Ajay Maken's turn to come to the party.
This he did by questioning the educational credentials of Smriti Irani, belittling her by saying she had passed only school final and not attended college. In one swipe Maken had sent all those who had not attended college to vote for BJP.
To be HR minister does one need to have attended college? The Late Kamaraj was one of the best CMs India had ever seen, had not gone to school. Then we had the best educated MMS and Chidambaram doing the maximum harm to the people of the country economy wise.
Apart from saying they take responsibility for Congress' defeat their so called "leaders" owe nothing to the nation. They must be taken to task for their criminal negligence and sent to jail, at least the top brass. Otherwise, there will not be any accountability.


Post ID: 213148 07-06-14 05:00:55
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 13

Posts: 195

Incidentally Air India will be starting new route from Delhi-Rome-Mila-Delhi. Some Italians could move back to Italy along with their children. That will reduce some burden on the nation.

Post ID: 213149 07-06-14 06:46:49
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