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Need Help in Telecommunications career


I am a recent graduate in the field of Telecommunications and looking for a job anywhere in Canada. I'd appriciate if someone can help me in giving some leads about job opportunity.

Thanks for your help.


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Junior Desi
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Try this site and apply to everyone in that list that is there. Its FREE. If you still do not get one. Use the service and apply to another 1000 companies in t the telecom/electronics area. You may pay these guys AFTER you get the job except for a set up fee. Either way 1000 companies can have your resume and custom cover letter for each company in 2-3 days.( if you did it yourself it would take you at least 1 month.

5 of my undergratuate friends who graduated from IT and electrical/mechnical engineering this year have got a job through this company.

This is a great service for new immigant with a lot of experience who have come here and do not know where to apply. They have thousands of companies in the area of your expertice. eg automotive, chemical industry, plastics, marketing, etc...

Good luck and never give up.

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