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Mavis / Derry - How is the area to buy a property ??

Hello CDs,

I've found a property around Mavis / Derry intersection. ( North of Mavis after Derry cross road).

- What is the overall view about the area ? esp.., any red flags that I should be aware of?

Facts I collected:
- Elem. school serving this area is \"Derry West Village\".
- Walkable distance to children Park, bus stop, school and three major streets (Derry, McLaughlin, Mavis)..
- 10-15 minutes drive to Heartland center, SquareOne.
- 5 Minutes drive to Hwy 401 & 407.
- Very close to a strip mall, No frills, Gas station and Drug store..
- 10-15 minutes drive to Go station, Sheridan college in Brampton.
- 2 min drive to Mississauga Comm. Center (I don't know what is there).
- reasonably quiet (Mavis is in vicinity and contributes to the auto noise).

Those who are living close to the area ? What do you think about the place ?

Thanks in advance.

The cowards never started,
The weak died on the way,
Only the strong arrived.


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Senior Desi
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I know a couple of folks living around there. One at Derry/Mavis and the other at Derry/McLaughlin. It is a nice area for the same reasons you have listed. Nice residential locality.

A couple I know paid $265,000 for a condo-townhome at Derry/Mavis. I personally believe it is a little over-priced but so is the market in general even if it is in the process of going down now.

Post ID: 92850 07-01-07 23:25:02
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Senior Desi
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I just completed a deal for a family friend of mine at Mavis/Derry (a semi-detached on the Southwest corner of the intersection). The closing is in March. They are a family of 3 and the reasons they chose this area were:

- The proximity to the 407 and 401.
- They liked the David Leeder Middle school which is just a 1 min walk for their son from their home.
- Their child is heavily involved in community activities so they wanted to be close to a Community Centre as well.
- The home they purchased was one of few that we saw of that size. It was the largest in the neighbourhood and it could accommodate future guests which will be living with shortly.
- We drove around the area and went to the home quite a few times and they really liked the people in the surrounding neighbourhoods as well.

They liked the accessibility to just about everything they desired. They felt that it was a lot more developed than the areas just West of Winston Churchill and they did want to go beyond Mavis due to proximity to developed schools, work, community centres, shopping areas etc. They also felt that the area was a lot less busy and quieter than further south on Mavis (near Heartland TC), without compromising proximity to essential needs such as grocery stores, banks etc.

Vimal Patel, Realtor
Homelife Royalcorp Real Estate Inc., Brokerage
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 1851
Location: GTA, Ontario


Thanks for your input.

I am also feeling good about the area. I'm just battling with the size of the property which is less than 1500. It might look OK at this point but over a year or two, the size might start to bother.


The cowards never started,
The weak died on the way,
Only the strong arrived.

Post ID: 92866 08-01-07 11:10:54
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