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SAP-Problem with the teaching institute

Hello Everyone,
I am currently a SAP-MM Student at one of the Desi (Indian Owned) institutes in the GTA. I was actually laid off from my job at a Automobile parts manufacturing company in Waterloo and I was sponsered by the MTCU to join this course under the ontario skills development program of the Govt.. When I met the owner of this institute for the offer letter, he gave a letter to the MTCU saying that the institute will teach for 32 hours a week and that too only Monday to Friday (No weekends). So I submitted the letter to the MTCU and the course was approved. The institute charged $ 15000 for the course which If any one else was self financed costed only $ 8300. Imagine my suprise when on the opening day (Sunday), I was taught for 3 hours and then told to come back only the next Sunday. When I went the next sunday I was taught for just 6 hours and then I came to know that the institute teaches only on weekends (6 hours a week instead of the 32 hours promised) and that the classes are deserted/under lock and key on weekdays. I met the owner (the only one staff at the institute) and asked him as to why he is operating this way and he told me that this is standard. He also said that the MTCU would never find out and that they donot care too and so that I should keep quiet. When I said that I was actually taking this course so that I get employed as a SAP-MM consultant (I am a mech. engineer living in Waterloo) at the end of the course and that the way that the instructor (a unemployed/under qualified guy teaching at the institute) teaches by just reading from the soft copy course material, he indicated to me (body language) that he does not care. I told him my plan that I would complain to the head of the MTCU as well as to the Toronto Star Investigative reporter but he just does not care. He actually called the MTCU and told them that I was dropping out since I could not follow the course and as well he cut off my SAP System access (which he promised life time access).
To top it all, he got my signature on blank time sheets which he said that he will put in the dates and submit to the MTCU. I cooperated with him for a few months since I actually looked forward to learn SAP-MM and be employed but now I came to know that what the institute teaches will in no way get me employed.
The initial reaction by the MTCU regarding this complaint was that since private SAP institutes like this have an exemption to the PCC (Private Career College act) no financial compensation would be given. I actually donot care about financial compensation (as the Govt. is the one who is sponsering) but on the fact that :

1. Govt. money is being wasted and sent offshore (may be to India or to some tax haven)
2. The person taking the course (me) is wasting his time, money and energy, taking 1/2 baked knowledge which can never fetch me a job as the major objective of the institute is to make profit at the cost of the student.
3. The owner has systamatically cheated many desi students (and directly the Govt. of Canada) by overcharging the govt. and then under imparting the ERP SAP course.

The MTCU rep. actually spoke with the owner of the institute and he had actually agreed to take me back and restore my system access but then he sent me 4 conditions for enrollment which were basically :

1. Retract all my statments (that means that accepting falsely that all my previous statements were false)
2. Never again behave criminally or illegally in the classroom or the premises. if it was found out that I was engaging in such tasks, I would be terminated from the course with immediate effect and that the Desi institute reserves the right to do so.
3. Never talk to any of my batch mates regarding this whole matter. if in the Desi institutes opinion, I was not doing that, they have the right to fire me and I will not be able to chalenge the verdict.
4. Pay the last quota of money from the MTCU at any cost (Due in Jan 15th)

Of course I refused to sign this. The MTCU Rep. handling the case will come back only on the 4th of Jan 2010.

What are my options now? Is anyone else facing a similar situation as myself?
Your inputs appriciated. Will complaint to a Small claims court help?



Junior Desi
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Post ID: 155693 28-12-09 18:52:51
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 06

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Interesting topic...well cannot comment much as i have very little knowledge inthese kind of disputes.
Lets home our honerable members give some directions.


Post ID: 155695 28-12-09 21:17:00
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Senior Desi
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Location: God's own country

I can relate
I can relate to you story as I am taking a SAP Course at one of the institutes in Mississauga and am being sponsered by the MTCU. This is a sort of an open scam where they do say that they teach you SAP Monday to Friday and then teach only on Weekends. They actually mix you with the working professionals who can only come to class on Weekends. I also know that all MTCU sponsered people get laptops (free from the institute as a gift) . In that case they will teach you only one Module and pay for one certification exam (instead of the 3 that they took money for from the Govt.). The govt. of Canada does not seem to care or may be the students are not complaining.

I feel that you should first of all talk to your MTCU counsellor and they do have some inspectors to investigate this fraud but I belive that there are only 10 inspectors for the whole of Ontario and it is going to take some time. You could also make a complaint in the small claims court (the max. compensation is going to be raised to $ 25K from Jan 2010).

You can PM me the name of the institute (if you wish) and may be I will be able to identify some of your batch mates for you to network and take the complaint along.

Peace by a PD

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

Post ID: 155697 28-12-09 22:37:54
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Global Moderator
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I think your error was in telling this person what your plan was. Perhaps you felt that threatening to report him would 'fix' things. You should have gone straight to your counsellor/contact with the sponsoring agency and told them what is happening. This should have been followed up by a statement in writing indicating what has occurred.

What i would suggest you do is pull together all your documentation from the school, all books, anything at all and then create a timeline of all events to present to the Rep when they return next week.

Always research schools very carefully before enrolling. The best way to ensure a school has a good reputation is to contact employers and do informational interviews.

~ Morning rain

Post ID: 155698 28-12-09 22:42:22
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
Member since: Jul 03

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Location: Kitchener, ON

You can talk about your options with the MTCU counselor. Not sure about small claims court since course is sponsored by MTCU. If you do not accept their conditions, probably you will not be able to finish your course. You can go to media as indicated even after finishing the course.
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Post ID: 155701 29-12-09 06:49:55
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 09

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I found an update on this topic on RFD. Looks like OP is looking to sue the owner.

After reading it, I felt bad for the students who are planning new careers in SAP.

Post ID: 156023 05-01-10 15:38:05
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Senior Desi
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Where there's a promise of big money ($100-200/hr), there comes a big risk. I really feel bad for this lad, and wish these currupt SAP institutes (owned by desi junta - who else??) close down sooner than later.

Post ID: 156025 05-01-10 16:05:56
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Senior Desi
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Hi ERP_SAP , just sent you a PM.



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Post ID: 156048 06-01-10 00:35:24
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Junior Desi
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SAP Teaching in Canada

I live in Ontario, I have the same story as yours, cannot disclose here right now who I am and where I live exactly in Ontario, I am currently going through the same phase and I am not sure what to do. The school is providing only 6 hours class during weekend where as while submitting the papers it was written as Monday through Friday. The teacher is inefficient, and they are not teaching the course what ever is documented with MTCU. If I leave the course I have to pay back the money to the government so I have to complete it and not able to digest the quality, the intention of the school is to make quick money.

Can you please provide me you contact number or email so that I can contact you and discuss, please help.


Post ID: 159219 25-02-10 17:13:36
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Junior Desi
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Location: Ontario

Email add
You can write to me at


Post ID: 159220 25-02-10 17:16:03
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