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swadhyay parivar

Junior Desi
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Hey guys,

I was browsing just to read something new on Swaydhay Parivaar. While browsing, I read some of replies to someone's queries on Bhaav-Feri. Some of us replied that \"just join the Swadhay Parivaar, it's good activity.\"

My opinion is \"DO NOT ADVERTISE people to join\" That is not the objective of Bhaav-Feri, I believe.

Of course, if the person visited joins our activities, it's wonderful !!! It's good for both of them.

The true objective here is the self-development, self-realization, self-upliftment and an effort to leap one step closer to the Almighty...

Different religions are trying to do the same ultimate thing. But, Swadhay adopted this kind of path (basically Bhaav-Feri: Parikrama) with true motive to be loved by Almighty by demonstrating and committing to \"Krutagnata\". What we suppose do is what Almighty likes. Now responsibilities lies on oneself to decide what Almighty likes and so what to do.

Be good - Do good, O my son !!!

So let's not advertise. (If by mistkae you happened to advocate our activities, it's ok - but be concious and draw a line on what we are talking to people especially to the people who are not much aware of Parivar activities)

I am open to receive comments if I am somewhere wrong while expressing my above view.

Thank you

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Junior Desi
Member since: Jun 20

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