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Legal Options Against Removal Order

Hi All,

I was working on work permit. I changed the job 2 months earlier. My employer did play game with me. He communicated me that we would apply for work permit & at the same time I can start work with him.

Today, I got removal order letter from CIC. CIC described that, you started work before getting work permit.

On Monday (22 Sep 2008), I have already sent my immigration (PR) application (under federal skill category) to Buffalo, NY.

I am really seeking help from experienced members of this forum. I have couple of questions in this regard.

1) What are the available legal options to stop this removal order & stay and work in Canada?

2) I don't want to stay illegally. So If I would leave Canada and then re-apply for another work permit or visitor visa in my home country (India), would this removal order create any problem to get new visa/work permit?

3) As I mentioned, I have already sent my immigration application, would this removal order affect my application process or getting immigration (PR)?

4) If I would leave Canada than can I keep continue with my Buffalo, NY immigration application or would I need visitor visa to get process my immigration application?

I don't have time. Please help me on this.

Thanks you very much to all members.


Junior Desi
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Post ID: 128997 24-09-08 21:12:46
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Senior Desi
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Thanks for sharing the sad news..

I would prefer that you take this matter through the legal channels and find the correct solution to it. You take once scenario at a time. The first one is staying here and how? That is the only solution that befits the problem and your current needs. How you overcome is with the help of a lawyer as it has passed the threshold and into the legal field.

Please do not discuss this any further on any website.

The Employer and you both came to a hasty conclusion. Our sympathies to you and the family.

Good luck with your efforts.


Post ID: 128998 24-09-08 22:10:20
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