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Steven Polak, Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyer

619 Brock St Unit S Whitby, Ontario L1N 4L1

Listing ID: 63545   Posted on 12-Apr-17

Contact Details:

Phone: 9054092438 .

Our approach is to thoroughly investigate and review each area of your case and to work with you to understand the challenges and the circumstances. We are capable of investing in cases and pushing them as far as they need to go. The philosophy of our personal injury lawyers in Markham is that we are here to help. We are not here to create claims or to try to deceive others. Our aim is justice and fairness and we do everything that we can to obtain that for you. Our car accident lawyers in Markham have worked hard to establish a reputation for these things and we hope that others in the legal and insurance industry will tell you that when you ask them about us.
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