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Mississauga, Ontario

Listing ID: 3099   Posted on 20-Oct-04

Contact Details:
Phone: 4167122291 .

We provide settlement services in Greater Toronto Area to all the new immigrants to Canada from all over the world. Services include: Airport Pick-up, arranging temporary/permanent accomodation, assistance in applying for SIN card, opening bank account
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Are you from India or Pakistan, arriving for the first time in Canada as an immigrant? It can be challenging to get through the maze of services that you require - mobility is limited and you don't know the topography of the city. That's where we co
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Mississauga: 1995
We provide following services for new Immigrants Airport pick up Sin card/Health card/Bank account/Credit card / Cell phone/Aparment-Basement Rental /Employment Agenicies information etc .... Furnish Aparment-Basement Anyother help you
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Mississauga: Overseas Guest House Services
We provide various types of Guest House Services to New comers Tourists and Visitors. Our apartments are very centrally located in the heart of city close to Airport,All major Banks, Library, HRDC, Shopping Malls and Bus stand. For New Immigrants
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Toronto: Samintel Technologies Inc
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Mississauga: Start Accepting Credit Card Payments With PayPal [free]
PayPal is the world's largest online payment network, serving over 40 million members in 38 countries including Canada. With PayPal, you can pay anyone using your credit card or checking account. There is no charge for using PayPal to pay another
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Agincourt: Affordable Furnished Accommodations for Newcomers in Toronto
Jessica Guest House offer private furnished rooms rentals for short or long term accommodations to relocating individuals, professionals, new immigrants and students at the best price (CAD. $ 23 & up/day) in Toronto. We provide services for airport p
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