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3, Ludgate Drive Etobicoke, Ontario M9W+2Y2

Listing ID: 2326   Posted on 03-Apr-04

Contact Details:
Phone: 416-743-5710
Cell Phone: 416-409-8291
Email: canadasettlers (at) .


Driving Direction

Migrating to a new country, leaving home and all the relatives and childhood friends could be a very crucial decision. Everyone is considering a positive development and bright prosperous future for self and for all the family members. When you migrate to a new place, initial few days are very very crucial for you and for everybody in the family. You are new to the land, new to system and you see yourself as a stranger in a stranger place. Your position is like a sailor who is all alone on his small boat in the ocean. He can see the light coming from far end, he has guts and courage to cross the sea and reach to the light but unfortunately he does not know which way to go and how to reach there. At that time, if someone can guide that sailor how to reach his destination, sailor can definitely make his way. By now, you must have got an idea that as a settlement services company, what do we do!
We work with you as your friend, guide and partner to make your dreams come true. As mentioned above that initial period after landing to a new country is very crucial. In fact that is the period, which can decide the fate of a person. Because of being at a new place, you will come across so many situations where you will feel excited, anxious as well as disappointed in the few initial days after your landing. If you are successful in coping up with those situations, you will make it. We will be there with you all the time in the initial phase to assist you in making all small or big decision whether it will be choosing a driver training school or choosing a location for rental accommodation.

"After all, we are here to take care of you!!"


1) Airport Pick-up and drop-off at desired location

2) Applying for SIN card

3) Applying for permanent liberary card without any charges

4) Opening bank account

5) Applying for a credit card

6) Applying for OHIP (Health Card)

7) Assistance in getting temporary private health insurance (Remember: You are not covered for any medical under provincial plan for first three months)

8) Applying for Canada Child Tax benefit

9) Assistance in getting enrollment in Ministry of Transportation approved Driving License's classes

10) Assistance for getting G1 driver license (written test)

11) Guided tour in company car to religious places like Mandir, Gurudwara etc. including Swami Narayan Mandir in Toronto.

12) Tour to community grocery stores and bazaars

13) Guided tour to Toronto downtown in public transporation system

14) Tour in the company car to different locations, in and around Toronto city

15) Assistance in purchasing used / new cars, computers and telephone.

16) Information session on different topics : Understanding City maps, Income tax structure in Ontario, Financial planning including Registered Retirement Savings Plan and Registered Education Savings Plan.

17) Introduction to various job finding resources like Human Resource Develpment Centre, Employment Resource Centre etc.

18) Guidance in building 'Resume' as per Canadian work environment

19) Providing a list of well reputed employment agencies as well as potential employers.

20) Assistance in finding permanent accomodation as per client's budget and preferred location.


Contact us for more details.

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