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Welcome Canada Services

320 Dixon Road Unit 1008 Etobicoke, Ontario M9R+1S8

Listing ID: 1742   Posted on 03-Apr-03

Contact Details:
Mr. Sugata Chakrabarti
Phone: 416-242-4370
Email: wc_services (at) .


Driving Direction

We are a small organized group of professionals operating under the registered entity Welcome Canada Services and based in Toronto. As we have been through the resettlement problems ourselves, which are faced by most new immigrants, we are now committed to helping newer immigrants, against a nominal fee, in assimilating information with minimal time and energy loss, and thus making the initial settlement period easy and congenial for the new settlers.

We have adopted a personalized approach and modify our package to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Being new to Canada and without a personal conveyance, we do not expect our clients to visit us; instead, we go to meet them at the hotel saving them the trouble of locating offices in an unfamiliar place.

Our services offer the following areas :

1. Prior to landing :

Information on pre-landing requirements with Doís and Doníts which will help you in preparing yourself to be better equipped when you arrive in Canada Ė regarding school admission, medical coverage, driving in Canada, past driving record, educational transcripts, information about customs requirements, unaccompanied baggage, etc. Answering the specific queries and providing any other related information which you may require in this regard.

2. Airport pickup and Hotel Accommodation :

∑ Receiving you personally at the Airport (at Toronto only) and accompanying you till the hotel.

∑ Arranging hotel / motel accommodation of per your choice and budget. For your information and to help you make a choice (if you so desire), addresses of internet sites which give details on hotels, facilities offered, the tariff etc will be provided.

∑ A brief visit of the area around the hotel to familiarise you with the surroundings and availability of basic facilities such as daily utilities, food, postal services, doctors, library, telephone, local transport, etc.

(Hotel information : As such, we have not tied up with any hotel for accommodation of our clients. However, our experience has shown that it is not difficult to arrange for hotel accommodation for our clients as and when needed.)

3. Completion of formalities for new immigrants :
∑ Completion of new immigrant related formalities (SIN / OHIP / Child Tax Benefits).
∑ Information on interim Medical Insurance Coverage.
∑ Opening bank account

4. General Information and assistance:

∑ General guidance and assistance covering telephone connection;
∑ School admissions;
∑ Rental accommodation search;
∑ Guidance in obtaining driving license through written and road test, and help in vehicle purchase;
∑ Opening bank account, and obtaining credit cards;
∑ Family doctor and clinics;
∑ Local transit information;
∑ Shopping areas, Information on free community programs, Public libraries, etc.

5. Comprehensive job search & related services :

We would like to mention that we are neither a recruiting agency nor do we have any employment opportunities. We offer services to help new immigrants find jobs in Canada by providing them leads, tips, guidance and information.

∑ Changing your structured resume according to the Canadian requirements.
∑ Preparing a simple resume to enable you to get temporary assignments to start up.
∑ Providing address, details and facilities of HRDC offices located in and around Toronto.
∑ Information and guidance for accreditation of overseas qualifications.
∑ Providing you a list of agencies specialized in recruiting (with address, telephone number, fax number, web site address and email addresses, etc).
∑ Information on local media regarding job advertisement, jobs hunting organizations, etc.

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