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Formula ONE

Well there aint a thread for it so here I go. I love the sport and I think this year is kind of fun as we actually have a lot of competitive cars. Its sad that M Schumacher is not going to make it big this time but wht the heck.

Are there any more f1 fans here i did see a renault thread.


Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 05
Posts: 21

Post ID: 56130 01-09-05 10:51:20
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mr x
Junior Desi
Member since: Feb 06

Posts: 6
Location: chennai

yah im a great fan of narain karthikeyan but sadly we cant see him on the grid atleast hes still there in f1 so thumps up !!!!!!!!

Post ID: 68078 21-02-06 00:50:20
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 05

Posts: 419

Loved F1 but then it got too boring....too much depends on the car and less on the driver. Also, very little passing which makes it dull to wathch.

Hope Bernie realizes these problems and makes the sport more interesting!

Till then...MotoGP for me. The past couple of seasons were fantastic. Every race is interesting. Watching Rossi win on a Yamaha demonstrated that this is one sprt where the rider matters more than the machine.

But, I will be going to the Montreal GP sometime. :cheers:

Post ID: 68082 21-02-06 01:05:13
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