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Getting proper job

Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

Posts: 131
Location: Brampton

I fully agree with lali.
Communication with proper english do add a cream to the milk.Initially one has to sell his skills to the interviewer. That can only be done if you have proper communication(ofcourse not hinglish)


Post ID: 53131 23-07-05 12:47:06
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 03

Posts: 1205
Location: Mississauga

Orginally posted by neerajj

canadians need good workers not good communicators.....and you can never communicate like them in a short period of 3 months even if you speak for 8 hrs on the fone daily, unless you are smart enough to catch your own mistakes and rectify them on your own.....

That's why it is advisable to start practicing while you are in India.

Microsoft - Which end of the stick do you want today?

Post ID: 53145 23-07-05 21:48:05
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 04

Posts: 601
Location: Baroda, India.

I strongly support the need for good English & communication skills.

Is it still good enough for getting a job in your field & as per experience ?

I have been in Sales in India & worked there as a Sales Manager & then had my own business. Yet I am not able to get a job as a Sales Manager in Canada. I have started my life all over again as a Sales Associate albeit it is in computer sales which was my field in India too.

I had even got 8.5 band in IELTS test which is compulsory for Canadian immigration.

I know of people who don't know English properly yet they have a good job in Canada.



Let's make India a better place !

Post ID: 53153 24-07-05 01:37:48
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 05

Posts: 116
Location: USA

knowing english is one thing...and knowing your job another....some jobs require good communications in english, where as some jobs may not even require good communication skills but good technical skills a must to sustain yourself in the company...

Post ID: 53517 29-07-05 14:57:23
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bally minhas
Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 03

Posts: 161

finance retail
Once madrasi ...on other thread... Lali is absconding without helping others.
"Peace" is waiting for your piece of advice and info...
We also would like to have it..
I think you are with some financial broker firm...???
Apni chuppi ko todiye... if you still understand Hindi.. since you gaind a lot of English.

trying to find real persons

Last edited by: bally minhas on 31-07-05 06:54:25
Post ID: 53608 31-07-05 06:51:35
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 05

Posts: 173
Location: Toronto

Retail Financial Services
Hi Bally Minhas

Firstly, I did not abscond. I had received a PM from "Peace" and replied immediately to his PM.

I am a new immigrant who came here in skilled worker category. I have no idea of international student category. I cannot give info or advice on a topic that I do not know about.

However, since you are so interested about where I am working, I would like to inform you that I work for HSBC Finance.

I attended a job fair, where a preliminary screening was done. Subsequently, there was an online written test, job shadowing and final interview. This was my route to my line job.

I understand Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Gujarati and Hindi.... learnt the above in course of service, friendship and marriage.

My wife, who incidentally is a bengali, and I thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour.

Best regards


Post ID: 53660 31-07-05 19:47:17
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 05

Posts: 173
Location: Toronto

for your information
Hi All,

An article which makes us all proud.

The million dollar man from Gujarat

Surf 'N' Earn -Sign innow
Don't get swayed by those astute blue eyes. Vyomesh Joshi or "VJ" as the world knows him, attributes "honesty, humility and drive" rather than his inherited blue eyes for his success among blue, green and brown-eyed Americans.

"I never felt discriminated against and that's not because I look a bit like them!" he laughs.

Success, actually, is an understatement. Because when you are executive vice president Hewlett Packard, responsible for printing, scanning and digital camera platforms for the entire world and touted to be the next CEO after Mark Hurd (VJ was also in the fray after Carly Fiorina was asked to leave), you need to dig deeper into your vocabulary for a better word.

AT was lucky to meet the Ahmedabad-born, 50-year-old business honcho in person.

Especially because he hates to be in the news. "Do you really want to speak to me?" he asks. "I like to keep a low-profile.

I've always placed myself last;my team and my company come first."

A true leader? "Well, perhaps.

After all, leadership is not about technical education and going to B-schools. It's about getting your team to trust you and believe that you'll help them rise to the top," says this former student of Bhavan's and L D Engineering College, who never went to a B-school.

As orthopaedist brother Manoj Joshi, who lives in Ahmedabad, says, "Vyomesh was always a popular kid. But more than that, he was very focused." From junior engineer to executive vice-president, it took exactly 15 years for him to bag eight promotions.

So what does 2020AD say? Heading his company or running for President of the USA? "Ha, ha, no politics for me!

It's good to find Indians finding acceptance in US policy-making bodies, a la Bobby Jindal, but I prefer to stay low-key," he smiles, adding, "Maybe I will get into writing someday, but what, I don't know." A lover of Gujarati food, his concern for the average Amdavadi is evident.

"They are rather careless about their communication skills. Analytical skills are fine, but you need to know how to express yourself and listen to others as well."

Are you listening, GenX?

Best regards


Post ID: 53679 01-08-05 08:36:40
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Senior Desi
Member since: Feb 04

Posts: 281
Location: Vancouver

I agree with Desi Tiger........
Interesting thread..............


Post ID: 53683 01-08-05 10:32:43
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