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Million in GTA 'underpaid'

Sam Graziano can't afford a lot of things. He can't go shopping or to the movies. He can barely afford his bus fare. But when he was forced to start skipping meals, Graziano got scared.

"It's hard, I'm struggling," said the 49-year-old Keswick man, who stocks vending machines for a living. "I don't have money for food a lot of the time and it's scary."

Graziano's employer cut his wages and hours two years ago as a result of restructuring. He had been making about $23,000 a year but now earns just $18,000. He's just one of a million workers in the Toronto area making less than $29,800 a year, reports the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, which today launches a public awareness campaign entitled "A Million Reasons To Take Action."

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That is really a bad news.

Wonder what would be the situation a decade or two down the line when more than 3-6 millions people will be migrating to canada with absolutely no major investments coming to this country and at the same time news are that major auto industry is in doldrums.

Post ID: 50053 07-06-05 21:09:57
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