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Information needed for a Veterinary Doctor

hello people,
first would like to thank the creators of this website for a forum to share views among desi people in canada.
this is my first posting.
i am a veterinary doctor from india and am around 65 years old. My son and daughter in law live here in canada for 3 years now. i have come on visitors visa to look after their child of 1 year. i have been here for 2 months. my son has applied for my immigration at buffalo and it may come through by the end of this year. All my needs are taken care of by my son but he does not give any money to me. so i am like a free baby sitter for their daughter. I am afraid that if i stay here permanently i will be a baby sitter to their daughter till i die. i like to take care of my grad daughter but not 24 hrs. a day 365 days a year. i need some rest, free time, vacation once in a while. I am afraid that if i get my PR i will be stuck here for life.
So my query is that if i get my PR, can i leave them. will the govt. give me welfare / old age home payment and can i live alone. is it possible for me to get a job in a vet. doctor's clinic as an assistant (i have 35 years of overseas experience as vet. doctor in india, UAE and South Africa). I had saved ip rs. 15 lakhs in retirement funds and my son has taken it for my immigration processing and for paying his mortgage.
please help with your suggestion. i will be thankful


Junior Desi
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Post ID: 49648 01-06-05 14:17:45
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BlueLobsterMember of Administrators
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Hello doctor,

Could you please email me your resume with your contact information and I will forward it to a friend of my who is a vet. as well.

Are you there?

Post ID: 49673 01-06-05 21:25:44
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BlueLobsterMember of Administrators
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Wow doctor,

I'm going through some of your other posts and you sure seem to be catching up with Canada real quick!! Unless you're somethin' else, the following don't sound like posts from a retired vet. of 65 years who's only been here for 2 months....

Orginally posted by dr_sbm40

Red bull is the best card as of now.
a $2.50 calling card (no discount/ reduction) gives me 50 mins. to hyderabad.
the line is crystal clear, and there is no connection fee.
there is an apprihension that the quality may weaken in the coming days.
Indigo is a crap card. you get $1 connection fee if the line is busy.
other good cards are pheonix and calling card

Orginally posted by dr_sbm40

my son took me to wang's kitchen. the food was lousy in that restaurant and the price was too costly too. we ordered chicken fried rice + some soup. Everything was very bland. The soup was blandishly horrible. Chicken fried rice has no taste and no chicken in it all. the only solace was that the rice was basmathi and it was almost like eating white rice. my son ordered masala chicken and the curry was bland too. the chicken flesh was not tastey too.
at the end , the bill was around $17 per person. We wised taht we had gone to sangam buffet instead for $10 or $11 + tips.
Please do not go to wang's kitchen at all. the one we visited was HWY 10 and eglinton

Orginally posted by dr_sbm40

the lowest salary that is good in canada is $10 an hour for 40 hrs. you will get $1600 and around $1450 after tax.
Assuming that you are just husband and wife is not working or wife has a small child not yet going to school.
Rent - $ 600 (basement)
Bus - $ 150
entertainment - $100
food - $ 150
milk - $50
phone / cable - $100 (max)
emergency- $100
savings per month $200 (rs.6000).

But can you get a good job (not labour or heavy for $10) is the question?

Are you there?

Post ID: 49674 01-06-05 21:38:21
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