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Private v/s Public School

Hi! Folks,

After 6 yrs in US I would be finally migrating to Toronto in July End. My daughter is going to a Junior Kindergardern in US and so I would want her to join a school in Toronto in Sep in Senior Kindergarden. I know the schooling system is public something close to what we have in US - but I would like to know which are the good public schools in toronto ? eg in California one would like to stay in MIssion or cupertino area where in the schools ratings are very high - do we have some rating system in toronto also ?

Further more what is the advise on Private schools - after some google searhces I found a few private schools like kingsley school, junior academy etc good / bad not sure but if someone can share their reviews it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!!



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My older daughter goes to a public school where as my younger one (5 1/2 years) goes to a Montessori school. The reason why we sent her to Montessori is 'cause she was under-age by 3 days (yep). So we decided to send her to a Private for a year and then switch her to a public school. It's been 2 years now (and we plan on continuing her in the Montessori for the 3rd year too), and I'm happy with her progress. Although I pay around $6500/year, but I'm surely getting my monies worth.

Personally, if one an afford it, I'd say go for it.

If you want more details PM me & we can take it from there. This is open to anyone else who want more details.

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Private/Public School
Please see the link below

for the school report cards.

Some of the private school are the best but the money ......


Post ID: 51949 05-07-05 16:11:29
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