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A Software Engineer's Worth

Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

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Location: Toronto


what happened. How come you were unable to guess that WhamBaba is the same as PrabhujiBaba.

Guess you didn't meditate today.


Reiki Grand Master

Post ID: 49384 27-05-05 23:01:45
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 05

Posts: 16
Location: GTA

Thanks for your mail. i told my wife about this (she is the one who needed that info..) and she told me to convey her thanks to you. I shall PM you soon regarding more details. She is exactly the same as mentioned. However she had already left that job and is in another job nearby (i shall PM you the co. and the nature of the job soon).
She is trying for accenture, siebel, or oracle. Any idea if there will be openings?

Post ID: 49398 28-05-05 00:30:30
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 05

Posts: 16
Location: GTA

Wham! is the name of my favourite band. It was b'cos of listening to this band that i did not get BE comp. sci in REC but had to settle for Architecture in REC Trichy (studying in non govt. college was a sucide then). It is b'cos of this IT boom that even fellows who canot tell the alphabets in full are software engr's. earning 100 K and all.

Post ID: 49399 28-05-05 00:32:45
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 05

Posts: 16
Location: GTA

For IT desi's
Hai Guys!
This is the effect that IT companies has on the world economy.
It is very very interesting.

Last edited by: bhavani on 28-05-05 00:40:52
Post ID: 49401 28-05-05 00:39:47
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BlueLobsterMember of Administrators
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This WHAM joker is the same as the Bhavani joker is the same as the Prabhub joker is the same as the Maxim joker we had in the past is the same as the faltu funda joker in the past is the same as......

One really really messed up psycho with lots of time on his hands....

Are you there?

Post ID: 49413 28-05-05 06:30:00
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