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doctors in canada ?

Dear All,

This is an awesome website for helping desis.
I wanna know about future for a doctor(MBBS) in canada.
I was told that there is an exam for licensing and that takes time.
Please let me know what all alternate a doctor can do like courses for settling down.



Junior Desi
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Post ID: 48674 23-05-05 04:43:45
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Junior Desi
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doctors in canada
Dear drsandy, there is acute shortage of doctors in canada.But there are more tahn ten thousand doctors in canada doing What ! You know. Let me tell you they are driving cabs ,roasting chickens, working as janiters,delivering pizzas. I dont intend to discourage you. But thats reality. You have to clear three tests MCCE MCCE-1 & part be eligible to get yourself rgistered with MCC.Then you have to undergo residecy if you are lucky to get one after a couple of years. And they always offer you the leftovers. and so on---- Think of practice only if you are young, energetic and have plenty of money and lots of patience. Dont let your dreams shatter in a hurried decision. Canada is still short and will remain short of doctors if changes are not made in the policies. Sorry , If I hurt you . Good luck.-------PASHA:cheers:

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Junior Desi
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Hello Dr. Sandy

I have a website that will help you:

feel free to email me also.

Post ID: 48706 23-05-05 12:32:22
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 05

Posts: 10

Thanks For answer,
Iam not getting discouraged.C what i have asked is about other course that they can do .... if you have any idea about that, all are welcome.
Please let me know what all are other domains where doctors can get entry for jobs.
Pizza delivery kinda stuff is done by all not only by doctors ... so man this is for all not only for doctors .

dr . Sandy

Post ID: 48707 23-05-05 12:32:37
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To Sandy
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