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Advice for confused person.

Senior Desi
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Orginally posted by chittesh

Does anyone know of any good job sites/agencies/contacts like specifically catering to IT professionals specially Networking, servers, desktops and system analyst sort of job.

I would really like to try out something from India before i land there. My visa is valid till first week of Nov.

Robert Half Technology, CNC Global, Kelly Services are a few of the technical recruiters in Canada. Also you might wanna check and for IT jobs.

But I don't think they are gonna reply back unless you have a canadian address and a canadian phone number on your resume, no harm in trying though.

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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 05

Posts: 129
Location: Brampton

Orginally posted by DiogenestheCynic

Orginally posted by manjeet444
Intrested in delivering pizzas, get your passport stamped with a canadian visa.

Take my advice and stay put where you are.


Wrong advice. There are quite a few like your friend who are into ok jobs.

I think he should do his due diligence and make his own decision.

Right Advice.

Why would anyone want to quit a well paying secured job back home and come here to struggle, and being in Canada you know what kind of struggle I am talking about.


Post ID: 47363 12-05-05 13:44:12
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Senior Desi
Member since: May 05

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Senior Desi
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Job Links
Why dont you take a time-off from your job, land , try your luck for sometime and go back?
Have you thought about the some of the people who do not want you to suffer in Canada are still in Canada?
Where are you planning to land?

I am giving some links.........But, I do not know how far they are effective or useful.........
No pain ,No gain!


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Senior Desi
Member since: May 05

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I am right now in Hyderabad and my visa expires Nov 10 so i will land in first week of Nov unless i get a job before that (nothing wrong in trying :-))
My company has offices in Canada but there are no IT jobs there, i am waiting to see if any open up. I am also trying to contact a few IT contractors who work for our company and see if i can get something.
I will only decide by Aug-Sep if i want to quit my present job. Starting today i will do my job searching.

I want to give everyone the case of my 2 cousin brothers. One landed in Canada about 4 years back, he was a BCOM, MBA and had done NIIT course when he was in India. About 3.5 months after landing he got a job which paid him 60k in a american company in Toronto.
About 3 years back another cousin of mine who was a BE (Ist class with honors Mumbai university) with work experience in the same field working with Citibank for 5 years in india migrated to Australia. He took 1 year to find a job.

In india people tell me Australia is better than Canada in the job front..My bro in Canada tells me jobs will take 3-4 months but u will get it..
I am totally confused..

Why i want to come to Canada...well there is a long list of reason for that...let me start

1) a month back i joined dance class (hobby).. now in that class i met a student studying in 10th standard..his dad has 10 cars...he told me lets go for a drive.i said ok...seeing the way that guy drove gave me a shock..i asked him do you have a license..he said "dad's there", i asked why dont u stop on red light.. he said "who cares" The way he was driving i was lucky not to get killed...

Today the number of people like these are growing exponentially in indian cities and there is no is very much possible that someone in my family may get run over by someone like this and i wont get any justice...

What happens if my son falls in such a company...


I know that situations like these happen in foreign countries too but there is much more control of law and order...

2) I cannot use public transportation because either they are too crowded or the buses are in such a condition that u feel scared to get in them. The oply option is to buy a car which in india costs a lot...

3) Everything is getting more and more expensive here..if you want to go to aaverage restaurant where u are guaranteed that you will not have any stomach problems then a meal per head will cost u atleast 150 rupees.
Nowadays when i go with my girl friend to a restaurant in hyderabad the bill is between 400-650. Believe me there are many restaurants more expensive than this which i dont go to.

4) Rent prices are shooting up. A decent 3bhk in Banjara/Jubilee hills starts with 10k and goes upto 25k pm.

5) Water: Our building has a borewell pump for watere for bathing, now the borewell has dried, so they order a water tanker once a week which lasts only 1 5 days a week till July we will be without water in our bathroom. The landlady has advised us to boil/use aquaguard for drinking water. Usually i just buy water every week..
A WHO study says that borwewll water in HYD city has flouride levels much more than the recommended saftey levels..still we use them...i wonder what will be the long term effect on my health..

The rate at which traffic, pollution, lawlessness is increased here is better experienced than said...

Nowadays there are frequent power outage at night 11.30..Even if u have the best of AC after 30 mins u lose your sleep and u start sweating...

Canada may be too cold at -30 but walking in the sun when its 42 outside aint too comfortable...

Go to a decent hospital and get admitted for 2 days.. u will be set back atleast 10k

In office where i work..people poke nose in yuour business, they try to bog you down, get jealous of you, and play politics..

Your manager expects you to work late and work on saturdays..he expects you to suck up to him or ur not in his good books..

I know all these happen in Canada too but from what i understand from people it is much lesser there than it is here.

It took me from hard hard job searching for 5.5 months to land the job that i have. That was in 1999-2000 perioed in th period of IT boom. We can crib about shortage of jobs in Canada/Australia but to find a GOOD job in India is very hard. Atleast the life of a hand to mouth person in Canada is better than a person who makes 10000 rupees a month in india.
I know many peope in India BE and all working in the field of IT and making 6-10k per month.
so even if i lose my job tomorrow in Canada the hit that i will receive on my standard of living will be much lesser than in India.

I have a few more reasons but thats it from me now..please let me know if i am wrong in any aspect of Canada which i have said and comments on my message...

Live and Let Live

Post ID: 47756 14-05-05 07:20:02
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 04

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Location: State of Denial

Whatever you do, Do not quit your job till the absolute last moment. Take a long vacation if possible and come here and explore.

You can free yourself from a lot of problems you mentioned by coming here....even if you do end up doing odd jobs. This is a developed country and affords a basic standard of living that easily surpasses 3rd world countries.

There will be other kind of struggles.

So be prepared to sacrifice some to gain some.

In the end the only way to really know will be to come here.

We are each speaking from whatever experience we have had.

I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

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Member since: Apr 05

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Location: Toronto (Now in India)


You can try this website. This is really good one." rel="nofollow">LINK

BTW, you mentioned in your post you have received PR card. Did u landed in canada earlier? Because after landing in Canada only u will get PR card.

Good Luck.


I am right now in Hyderabad and received a PR Card last week. I came across this site and am now confused if i should immigrate. Here are my questions. Please help me answer


Knowledge is Power

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Marked for Deletion
Architectural Labourer
Canada Sucks

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Senior Desi
Member since: May 05

Posts: 102


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Senior Desi
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You try to take long leave from your company , come to Canada plan to stay here for a month . Apply and get PR card and Sin Card. Open Bank account and go back to India and continue your job.

Canadian companies do not normaly offer you jobs till you have the PR card in hand.

In your resume mark you are a PR and can work for any company in Canada.

From the time you post your application till you get a job/offer letter may take around 3 months. During this period if you wait in Canada your moral will go down and you will feel like going to back or take up a low paying job.

Best is to do a job search before you leave.

Post ID: 47849 14-05-05 18:11:40
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