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Schooling guidline for Kids

Hi there,

My friend and his family coming to Toronto on 20th April 2005 as a immigrant.

I do not the know the schooling procedure here. He is worried about her daughter's study. As She is not coming from english medium. Is she catch up easily over here ? She was in Grade 4 over there. As per my informations here school ends in June. Will she immidiately join the school after her arrival or she can join in new opening year ? What is the procedure ?

Please guide me so that i can explain tomy friends.


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Here are some tips -

1. V V Important. Ask your friend to get their child's immunization record. This is the first thing they ask in school these days. If that is not provided the child will be suspended from scholl in a couple of months.

2. The child will be able to get admission in school right away, on production of a birth certificate. The grade will depend upon the date of birth. If you wish to contest that, then they may ask the child to take a test

3. English knowledge - Yes it does matter, but no it does not. Confused ! The child will have to attend extra English classes in School called ESL (Eglish as a Second Language). Talk to the school at the time of admission, and they'll guide you.

4. Proof of Residence will be required during admission for elementary schools. For middle & high schools, preference is given to area residents & then opened up for outside area kids.

5. One last thing, the school will need the Child's status in the country, which in this case will be the landed papers

Hope that helps...

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Thank you so much.

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