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Are experiance certificates must?

Hello all,

I am moving soon to Canada. As soon as I'll be there I'll start searching for a job after applying for SIN.

Now the question is will the employers need my Indian job experiance certificates? Are those experiance certs. sufficient for Canadian employers. Because I have experiance in IT and accounts as well and if I apply for some labour kinda job than how can I show that experiance ??


Decent Punjabi

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decent punjabi

Member since: Oct 04
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Location: Canada

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BlueLobsterMember of Administrators
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Member since: Oct 02

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Location: Mississauga

Hi there DP.

Is there a reason you add a bunch of question marks behind your questions? Its usually done when you're either angry or frustrated. Please stop doing this.

And to answer your question, I've never been asked for experience certificates and don't know anybody who has been. It is always a good idea to carry them if you have them, however here the norm is to ask for actual references, people who can be either spoken to or emailed. Make sure you have the phone numbers and email addresses of your managers in India. Usually nobody will call them from here, but you never know.

Are you there?

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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 04

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Location: Toronto, da BEST!!!

Yeah, if u have it bring it with u. Its good to have. U never know when it might come in handy.

Me too, Was never asked to show any experience letter. They go by references. And i have seen lots of cases where the potential employer does call to re-validate his/her decision ;) :D

:p bison

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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
Member since: Jul 03

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Location: Kitchener, ON

It is a good idea to carry them. Some employers and some agencies like AppleOne can ask you for experience certificates.
Give free food ||

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decent punjabi
Member since: Oct 04

Posts: 63
Location: Canada

Thanks a Lot.
Dear BL, Bison & RC,

Thanks for your valuable replies.

Dear BL, I'll Take care next time for the excess usage of ?????????????? Hey don't mind I mean it. Actually in my opinion it was not anger or frustration but curiousness to know something.

Anyway, I'll abide by what you say.



Decent Punjabi

Post ID: 38334 29-01-05 13:32:47
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