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I need help regarding product/industrial design!

I am studying commerce but I hate what I'm doing. I plan on doing a diploma in industrial/product design, get some experince and then apply for immigration. Anyways, any help on this topic regarding the job scene, any useful links or any other experience is absolutely welcomed. And if you don't know what industrail design is..then..hmm..damn u! lol, no kidding..look it up. Please answer these questions if u can ok. Thanx a lot, take it easy!

Trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are--Kurt Cobain.


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Post ID: 36717 13-01-05 02:44:40
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As per my openion , it not so easy to enter into design profession with a diploma, unless otherwise you should have lot of experience in the right field. better try doing 'Tool and die making'. Lot of job openings here

Post ID: 37618 22-01-05 11:52:29
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I think a diploma will not do anything if you want to immigrate out here. You need either something really strong when it comes to your education like you need to be either Masters in some field which is part of the governemtns occupation list or have some 6 years of experience in a field that the government requires to immigrate to canada.

I would say if you want to immigrate then you can look at joining a university in canada and move here as a student first and then apply for your immigration as a PR while you are here.

Best of Luck

Post ID: 38115 26-01-05 21:38:19
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