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Job prospects in Winnipeg

Hi All

How is Winnepeg in terms of living and job prospects?


Title edited. Title of the post should be more descriptive rather than one word like "Winnipeg"

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My three questions ? ? ?
My three questions:

I would also like to know whether there are opportunities in Winnipeg?

How is their Economy doing?

Why should one land in Winnipeg?



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Canadian Dream
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Depends on what field you are looking for. I am providing below a very generic description based upon my (limited) experience in Winnipeg.

Doctors/ Healthcare: There is a strong demand for doctors/ pediatricians/ healthcare workers in Winnipeg and the rest of MB.
Teachers: Early childhood educators, preschool, and Kindergarten teachers are in demand
Security: Police Forces are recruiting heavily - there is a strong preference for knowing atleast one other language.
Retail: Retail stores and outlets are hiring actively - but these are (typically) low level jobs paying about $8 to 12 per hour
Agricultural: Since the economy is mainly agricultural there is a good scope for people with this background
Veterinary: Same as agricultural
IT: Some demand for Internet/Java consultants and apparently one of the Big5 is doing an SAP project in Winnipeg (havent been able to find out for what client). Most of internet development is for internet (mail order) pharmacies (to the US) and billpayment solutions. Desktop support and Systems Administrator roles are also available.
Accounts: Accounts and book-keeping positions are seen often in the media.
Mechanical: Automobile engineering and mechanical engineering related to farm equipment (tractors, etc) are in good demand.

Again this is based on my admittedly limited experience in Winnipeg over the past 4 months and on the discussions I have had with recruiting agencies here. If you need any specific info let me know and I can try to be of help.

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Opportunities in Winnipeg

Thanks Canadiandream.

Only would like to know, if Winnipeg is Urban / Rural (u mentioned agri based economy) / Cosmopolitan?

In other words can you describe on above lines.

Does she have any corporate head offices for any of the large FMCG / Pharma / White Goods companies?

Your perspective on the above shall be very helpful.

Thanks in anticipation.



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Orginally posted by Canadian Dream

Mechanical: Automobile engineering and mechanical engineering related to farm equipment (tractors, etc) are in good demand.

Thank you for the information. Do you have more details or can obtain in farm equipment field or equipment manufacturer. What kind of experience they look for if you could highlight.
Also what interested me in your mail is mention of SAP being develped for a company name not known to you. Can you try to find about this company as they will require employees with SAP working knowledge.

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Canadian Dream
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Winnipeg is certainly urban with a population of about 700,000 but it is a relatively small city. The area surrounding Winnipeg is rural and lot of small farmers/ ranches etc. More than half the population of Manitoba lives in Winnipeg and we are just one hours drive (100km) from the US border of North Dakota. Winnipeg is also the geographic centre of North America and is the closest Canadian city to Mexico.

Jago desi:
Most of the farm equipment manufacturing companies are small scale in nature and supply small parts and components to Caterpillar and John Deere in the US. There is one large bus manufacturing company (New Flyer) headquartered here ( which supplies rapid transit buses to US and Canada. I am not aware of any other major manufacturing facilities here.

For the SAP opportunity, if you check on you will see some ads for SAP consultants in Winnipeg.

Heres a few fun facts about Winnipeg:
(This list is compiled from *100 Fun Facts of Winnipeg* available on the Web at

* Opened in 1928, Winnipeg International Airport was the first international airport in Canada.
* Winnipeg has the sunniest winter season in Canada with 358 hours of sunshine.
* Winnipegs Chamber of Commerce is more than 130 years old. It was established six months before the city became incorporated.
* Winnipeg was the first city in the world to develop the 911 emergency phone number.
* Canadas only agricultural futures market, the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange, is located in Winnipeg.
* Great-West Life, Canadas largest assurance company, began in Winnipeg over 110 years ago and continues to be headquartered here.
* Winnipeg was the first city in Canada to establish a United Way charity.
* Winnipeg gained the nickname Chicago of the North because of the modern skyscrapers in the Exchange District created in the Chicago School style at the turn of the 20th century.
* Built in 1904, the Union Bank Tower, an 11-storey Chicago School style building, was Western Canadas first skyscraper.
* The Royal Canadian Mint not only produces currency for Canada, but has minted over 51 billion coins in the past 25 years for 60 countries around the globe, at a capacity of 750 coins per second and four billion coins annually.
* The Second World Wars most famous spymaster, Sir William Stephenson, whose incredible story was immortalized in the best selling book, A Man Called Intrepid, was born and raised in Winnipeg. This legend and his escapades became the inspiration of Ian Fleming's suave spy, 007 James Bond.
* The University of Manitoba was incorporated in 1877 as the first university in the west. In 1880, the first graduating class had one person in it.
* Canola is a crop prized for the edible oil it produces. It was developed by Professor Baldur Stefansson at the University of Manitoba.
* The Manitoba Museum is one of only three attractions in all of Canada to earn a three-star rating from the famous travel guide, the Michelin Green Guide.

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