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New friends

Junior Desi
Member since: May 04

Posts: 7
Location: Toronto

Hi all!

I agree this is a good way to make friends...
I am in early 30's, married, working in, wife works with a bank, originally from Chandigarh ..........

send me a mail and we can meet...


Post ID: 50228 09-06-05 19:32:12
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Member since: Oct 04

Posts: 88
Location: Toronto

count me in..
folks.. any chance to make friends is a good thing.

Count me in as well

Post ID: 50346 11-06-05 07:51:22
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Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 97
Location: Mississauga

Hi Appleman, snakecharmer, abaantika and all others who are looking for friends. I am from Delhi and if anyone wants to make friends in a family you are most welcome. We are in Mississauga and love to make good friends.
Every one has their own personality so do not comment on others. You will know better with time if you have patience.

Post ID: 55267 20-08-05 18:35:30
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 05

Posts: 27

Add me to all of you.
I need detailed info regarding some forms to customs.and some gold pics and could u give me just general things what u brought to canada?So that i may get some idea.
I am staying in trinidad and tobago island near usa for last 3 years.but i am from india.I got PR 2 months ago.I am planning to go india for 3 months and back to canada in dec 2005.
I need accomadation in low price.i do not mind to share with some body.I will stay any where in canada,where i can get place for low price to stay and where i can get some job.
I am 32 years old,unmarried,physiotherapist.
So please i need help.I do not know any one in canada.i know many in usa.But not in canada.
Thanks in advance.
I would like to make new friends,where ever i go.Nice meeting you all.My email id is

Post ID: 55343 22-08-05 00:06:18
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 05

Posts: 2
Location: Toronto,on

hi there
we are too from mississauga, landed this year in may. we are from Mumbai, both of us ARCHITECT and have 5 year old son. i will be very happy if you can add me too.

Post ID: 55506 23-08-05 22:25:15
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Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 05

Posts: 6

We should make a informal social circle....
I am in Mississauga...its a great idea to make an informal social circle...most of community have formal social name of religion...caste...organized groups.

Well a small getogether in open park will be should be on regularl on long weekends mostly everyone have their own plans...but please no Amway or Quikstar minded person should be there;)

Post ID: 55573 24-08-05 12:54:01
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 05

Posts: 101
Location: Canada

add me in your list plz. we are 30yrs old with a 2 n half yrs old kid living in brampton.


Post ID: 55594 24-08-05 17:51:43
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 05

Posts: 20


Post ID: 56523 06-09-05 13:38:38
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Junior Desi
Member since: Mar 13

Posts: 7

Its been one year in this beautiful country,from Delhi and have two in Mississauga.
would like to join your group.

Post ID: 207808 02-11-13 18:02:11
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 06

Posts: 106

We are from Scarborough and also looking to make new friends.

Post ID: 207867 05-11-13 22:08:45
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