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Jobs For Women?

Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

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Location: Scarborough

Orginally posted by jago_desi

Orginally posted by indian59
What will be the best possible approach to get a job in teaching line.
Is it necessary to B.Ed again? or to do ECE course.

Request advice.

For ECE it is a different field all together. It is a Daycare where kids come before and after school. These daycare are run by community and pvt, both of them require ECE. And all the above possible jobs need atleast 3 months of volunteer services. Good reason to do ECE is that it is a short term course and easy to get into compare to B.Ed & Ontario govt. feels that Daycare are in less compare to number of students therefore they are discussing for having daycare at every school in Toronto.

Hi do you have a idea how to go for this ECE wife is intrested in this ECE programme but she can not do full time cuz of kid. So do you or anybody have any idea how to do ? Can she do part-time course from Centenial college and gets a job ?

Post ID: 34575 14-12-04 18:21:03
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 06

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Location: india

from arkesh patel

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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 06

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Location: india


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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 06

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Location: Toronto

job market for marketing professional

i'm 3 month old to canada, trying to find job in the field of marketing and communication design, i've a masters degree with over 6 years of brand management experience...can anyone help me out with the job mkt in canada..or any helpful tip welcom

Post ID: 86622 28-09-06 13:53:45
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 06

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Opinion Sought
Hi Chandresh,

Can you elaborate a bit more on your statement [age (yes, on paper there is no discrimination on age, but in practice it is different),] as i thought there is no discrimination in employment as long as the person is qualified to compete for a position, is it for all positions or for certain specific ones. Does this means that people in there late thirties and early forties should desist from immigrating there, kindly enlighten us with your experience.


Post ID: 86663 29-09-06 04:22:05
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 06

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Job vacany in Canada who can sponser me thru' company
This is Varsha here. I'm residing in Anand, Gujarat & graduate in Having knowledge in Computers. Working Experience is 5-6 years in Office Automation work.

Kindly suggest me if any indian / canadian company wishes to sponser me for any Office Automation work. Recently I'm working here as Office Co-ordinator in Compter Sales & Service Office. My job here is to Manage the Office Automation, Staff amenities, Purchasing Materials, Sales in Computers. I can easily operate Computers, Full Knowledge of Internet, HAving interpersonal skill with my clients/ vendors/ customers etc.

We are dealing in Computer, Laptops, and other Computer hardware items related to IT technology. We also deal in Software sales & purchase.

In canada, I need such company in which the post may be of Backoffice Assistant/ Administrative Assistant/ Office Co-ordinator etc. but it must be sponserer too.

Kindly suggest as soon as possible.

Anand, Gujarat

Post ID: 86664 29-09-06 04:38:15
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Member since: Mar 04

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Varsha it is highly unlikely that you will find a sponsor, as there are many unemployed people in Canada who have good computer skills. I suggest that that you apply for Canadian Immigration yourself ie. in independent category.

Post ID: 86741 30-09-06 08:12:26
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