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Where Jobs are in Ontario?

This might be difficult questions to answer - as industries are there through out Ontraio. It is believed that Toronto itself is highly industrialized city of Canada, processing approx. 60 percent of engineering goods.

What is reality? You may find answer based on the number of employment agencies listed with this site.

Look at this URL:

Following are top most cities with good number of agencies listed

Toronto: 335
Scarborough: 62
Windsor: 30
Oakville: 22
North York: 147
Mississauga: 134
Markham: 16
Ottawa: 60
Brampton: 50
Kitchener: 33
Guelph: 14
Cambridge: 16
London: 47
Etobicock: 52
Hamilton: 36
Burlington: 34

As you might see, the highest concentration is GTA. Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Windsar-Sarnia are there with some good numbers, but falling far apart from Toronto.

But Toronto has got stiff competition too, as more number of people struggling for job here. In that case the above areas like London can be considered.

In Toronto the City itself has good number of agencies. It does not mean that they have industries in the Downtown, they might be serving entire GTA.

There are more agencies in the West then in the East. Sum up Mississauga+Etobicock+Brampton+Oakville and you will get good numbers.

Scarborough - though greater in area has only about 60 agencies which is not good. However with 130+ agencies in the North York which is nearby you can have a chance if you are in Scarborough area.

Markham has suprisingly very few agencies - why? I guess agencies in the Scarborough and North York serving that region.

Anyway, this is very usefull information. Thanks Admin.

altaf qureshi

Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 01
Posts: 22

Post ID: 126 29-01-02 14:49:15
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Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 01

Posts: 34

You are right. This is really good list.

For any one looking for job can easily locate agencies.

:) :) :)

Torontian Desi

Post ID: 127 29-01-02 22:45:44
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altaf qureshi
Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 01

Posts: 22

Not only that but you may do quick survery what each area has to offer just by calling couple of agencies from different cities. (Long distance charges will apply :( :()

Post ID: 128 30-01-02 13:25:22
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 01

Posts: 8

altaf and Dear Amin

Good job! Realy it,very informative too!

I think its very helpfull for all type of immigrant either new or old!

Congratulation Admin for effort.

Aage badho ham tumare sath he.

Post ID: 129 31-01-02 18:18:50
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altaf qureshi
Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 01

Posts: 22


Post ID: 133 01-02-02 10:30:19
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videsee majdoor
Junior Desi
Member since: Jan 02

Posts: 5
Location: Toronto, Canada

Shouldn't the title be Where Majdoori in Ontario?

Post ID: 136 01-02-02 14:29:14
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 03

Posts: 1205
Location: Mississauga

Majdoor Bhai
Majdoor Bhai, Your demand is quite jayaz, but I think it depends on whether we are looking for just majdoori jobs or not :D
Microsoft - Which end of the stick do you want today?

Post ID: 2166 06-08-03 20:55:13
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 05

Posts: 116
Location: USA

Q. Where Jobs are in Ontario?
1. Missisauga- industrial labor (steel tip safety shoes and SIN card reqd.)
2. Downtown- Security guards
3. Other parts of ontario- Gas station attendents, Pizza delivery persons

Post ID: 49321 27-05-05 14:24:36
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 05

Posts: 28
Location: Toronto

you have truely shown the reality for immigrants in this nation. Though highly educated , most of them have no options other than this.
very sad! but it is reality. Desi's always accept what is spread before them


Post ID: 49325 27-05-05 14:32:53
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 2080
Location: Toronto

michelle288 where are you ???

Are Prabhuji, Wham, neerajj all the same person.... :D

Reiki Grand Master

Post ID: 49347 27-05-05 15:55:35
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