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Dear Friends,
Will someone inform to me,advice on the current job situation in Canada,especially in Vancouver and Toronto regions.Is it that bad that one (skilled person)have to take up unskilled jobs for a living through temporary in nature?Ofcourse one who has dignity of labour can do anyjob,that's another topic,but what you have studied,experience in India,for should not go waste?



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First off, I don't think there is a definite answer to your question. I assume your question about "job situation" is in reference to the immigrant community from SE Asia and not about the job scenario in general. The only possible response to that question then would be in terms of statistical evaluation of the success rate in getting "proper" jobs for the people in question. While there are amazing and enviable stories of triumph and achievement, there are also memoirs of tragedy and failures. It is undeniable that the result of such an evaluation paints a bleak picture. But remember, statistics are statistics. Success in getting a "proper" job depends on a lot many factors. It all depends on your self appraisal. Do an honest and realistic assessment of yourself. While skills are important, there are several other factors that play an equal, and if put together, maybe even a bigger role in determining the outcome of your adventure as an immigrant. Evaluate yourself in terms of your personality. How well do you think you can sustain adversity? Have you experienced discouraging situations in your life and if you have how have you reacted? What is your outlook towards life? How well do you imagine yourself to be able to adjust yourself to situations that do not turn out as favourable as you had originally thought? How good are you at finding work arounds? Do you feel bad in giving up something you like for something that could turn out better but could also turn out sour? There are many more factors that you need to evaluate about yourself. I cannot list all of them here, but I hope you get the hang of it. And remember, the most important imperative in this, and I cannot stress it enough, is to be absolutely honest with your assessment. Be mature. While it is wrong to under-estimate oneself, over-estimation can be very dangerous. It is absolutely essential that you be truthful to yourself in this exercise. There is nothing wrong at all in knowing and accepting one's own weaknesses or limitations. Everyone is not born equal and while some maybe good in some aspects of life another can be good in some other ways. Remember, there is no right or wrong in this game. The intention is to know where you see yourself in the population and take an informed decision that is suitable for YOU! Statistics are useful only in taking decisions AFTER you have done a true and honest assessment of yourself.

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