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Driving a taxi (cab) for a living

I think of migrating to (Toronto) Canada in March 2005, as it would be very cold from Nov to Feb for the first timer. My visa permits to land before mid June 2005.

Somebody suggested driving a taxi for living, because it is convenient and easy to make a living to beginwith, although I have been hosting websites since last 4 years here in Bombay. Would like to have views and opinions of this site's members about this suggestion.



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IANATD and hope someone who knows more of this business comes along soon, but afaik driving a taxi here requires a special licence and it is quite a job to get one. You need to have a very good idea of the layout of the city/town and the various routes to take in order to get from one place to the other. As a newcomer, I do not understand how you would be able to achieve that? And who says taxi driving is an easy job? You might have to work shifts and it can be quite stressful driving the whole day negotiating traffic of cities like Toronto. Also, it is a risky venture. There have been quite a few cases of taxi drivers being mugged/shot.
Do we have any guys here who have experience driivng cabs? What about driviers of those airport limos. It is my impression, that the airport limo driving industry is totally captured by desis. And the job, at least on the surface of it, appears to be less stressful than driving cabs around town. For one thing, you get to drive luxurious limos, with mostly rich passengers who I expect must be dispensing hefty gratuities, and the general class of the clientele allows you to keep away from the shitpads. Just my opinion.


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