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Doctor - wants to immigrate

Junior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

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Even though it is pretty bad for doctors there are few successful ones. They came here with lot of money and sponsorship from their hospital. They are extremely good in their subject. They gave required exams and proved that they are par with Canadian doctors. If your friend can come with sponsorship life will be easy for him. I do not know how to get sponsorship etc. I am not so close to these people but I have seen them becoming doctors in Canadian hospitals. They did a lot of networking with fellow doctors. One doctor came here with one month fellowship he was having the chance of getting job but he had very good reputation back home so he decided to go back. Another two came without sponsorship but they brought enough money to sustain them. They got admission into ultrasound course and now working as technical people. In their struggle they are giving required exams and they are hopeful that very soon they will become doctors. Only thing is they were very good, well reputed and wealthy doctors back home. Doctors are very well paid here so it is very difficult to become one. May be it is wise for your friend to come here and get in touch with medical community. Yes, the horrible stories you heard about doctors are also true. Two doctors (husband and wife) who came here husband is working in petrol pump, grocery store etc. trying to give some U.S. Exam hopeful that once they get citizenship they will be able to move there. Wife is still trying to pass Canadian exam. If your friend decides to come here he has to find a way to fit in. Please do not ask for their contact number etc. I will not be able to provide them. I am just writing what ever I have seen in my limited experience. Best of luck to your friend. :)

Post ID: 27357 02-10-04 07:52:59
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
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Location: Kitchener, ON

Orginally posted by CAPRICO

Things have changed considerabely by 2004 and in coming years more changes are bound to take place.I would only suggest that one should refer to website of and workfutures bc to get more information on the above topic.

CAPRICO is an immigration law firm. I do not know how many immigration consultants are real honest with their clients when discussing job scenario in Canada and the exams they would have to give to practise in Canada. Even after passing exams, they have to wait for residency and that is a long wait too.

The other site I suppose would be giving projection of demand of particular trade in future like number of doctors needed, etc. It assumes that you have Canadian qualifications and are able to practise in Canada.

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Post ID: 27358 02-10-04 08:04:27
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