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How is the Job market for SAP Consultants

Senior Desi
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Orginally posted by mercury6

Now the Oracle financials course was too expensive to do here....S I decided to go to India (Bangalore and do it). Once there I also attended the full Oracle 9i DBa course. the cost of both the Apps (4 week) and Dba (3 week) was about 1/3 of what oracle Apps would cost in Canada.

But I seem to have made a mistake....One Person I know told me I should have done it from Canada and not India. I did not realise it till much later.
Of course that I dont have implementation experience is another reason that I didnt get a call till now.

Anyway If possible do it from Canada. Its costly fromIndia but could be costlier from Canada. But could be worth it.

Did you also get Oracle certification on the Apps and DBA? Once certified, I think it doesn't matter where you took your course, does it? Else why would these companies have anything called "certification".
I do agree on your second point, that it is very difficult to get ajob only on the basis of certification. It would have to be entry level jobs only and they are very few and number of people wanting them are way too many!!
So, Sandi, please do not be under the impression that a course in SAP followed by certification will be able to open the doors for you. If possible, try and get some hands on experience. That is fact goes longer than only certificaton in helping your chances of getting a job.

The Cynic

Post ID: 29427 21-10-04 15:17:22
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Senior Desi
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Mercury ,

Did u do the Apps DBA or simply Oracle Financials ??

What did they charge for the Apps DBA and 9i DBA ??

How was the course and the training ??

Dio , I am not sure if Oracle is still certifying on the Financials Track . I agree that Certification may just be an entry point and expereince is the greater learning avenue .

Manasvi .

Post ID: 29553 23-10-04 06:20:47
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Senior Desi
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Orginally posted by Manasvi

Mercury ,

Did u do the Apps DBA or simply Oracle Financials ??

What did they charge for the Apps DBA and 9i DBA ??

How was the course and the training ??

Manasvi .

I didnt do the Apps DBA. Did the whole of Financials track. 4 weeks. Rs 1 lac.
Did all of 9iDBA. About Rs 50,000.

The DBA course was good. Very very good teachers. Very enlightening for a person like me who was always a programmer and never cared to look deeper on how the database actually works on the inside.

The Financials course was mixed bag. Of the two teachers one was extremely bookish....which means he went through all that was in the book and the exercises and nothing else. The other one was more detailed and tried to explain the concepts....

I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

Post ID: 29574 23-10-04 12:14:14
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Senior Desi
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Location: canada

Orginally posted by jayjay

Market is good. i have got job as SAP consultant after 4 mts. But its permanent. if u have strong experience and functional knowledge , u will get placed today or tomorrow.Don;t worry.

All the best

Can you tell me where are SAP customers. I have working knowldege of SAP MM module and canwork for them.
Thank You

Try overtaking child's imagination

Post ID: 29618 23-10-04 18:56:04
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 07

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Demand of SAP Consultant
Hi Friends,

I have registered with this site as want to info. on above subject. Currently, me and my wife both are working as a SAP Consultant in Bangalore. We both are certified consultant.

I have put my PR File 5 years ago and now hopefully hear this year end. So, can you please advise me what are the prospects for SAP Consultant in Canada ?

My domain experience is of 10 years in Steel Industry Prodution area
I did my certification in PP/APO and working with consulting company since last one and half year. I have two roll out project experience.

Since, you all people are already in Canda and if you could share some info will be helpful to me.

Thanks & Regards,


Post ID: 107984 23-09-07 03:27:45
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Junior Desi
Member since: Oct 08

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SAP advise

I m looking to study SAP and i don t have any background on it Can any one
Please give me guidance which one i can start and have good job
My background is MCSE 2k mcse NT, CCNA,

Post ID: 130674 22-10-08 14:22:19
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 07

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I am also in Same place as you
I am also interested to know about SAP.
My Background is also in Tech support, QA with little knowledge of programing.

where can i start on SAP , do i need to go for basic ( ABAP or BASIS) or i can direct jump to other modules like BI

Post ID: 130675 22-10-08 14:32:52
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

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Location: Canada

ABAP should be good place to start for people with programming / sql background ........... NW guys should look more towards SAP systems - BASIS etc .

Post ID: 130683 22-10-08 16:41:30
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Junior Desi
Member since: Oct 08

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Post ID: 130733 23-10-08 15:05:37
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