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GOVT. JOBS - The Federal & County Perspective

Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 94
Location: GTA

I can tell you this much because I am "in the know"...I can't reveal more without identifying myself but I work in a federal hitech area.

The hitech jobs go to the French speaking or Francophone candidates who get the first cut ...they get first chance because it is cheap to hire them and they will not be requesting french training as soon as they join. Yes, experience is important but in the federal jobs most of the positions are entry level because it is based on promotion from within...they are very less likely to hire top dogs at top salaries from outside.

So the ideal candidate (i.e. experience) would have maximum 1-2 years experience...but also...the ideal candidate knows French. Yes, they will also hire desi's because they have quota's to fill....but again...most are stuck in the positions they were hired in because the promotions go to the bilingual candidates....there is a huge gap in the percentage of desi managers...vs desi employees in the federal govt...for this reason alone.

Just ask any francophone looking for a federal job...there are very few in Ottawa who can't find work because they get hired very fast.

Post ID: 22328 17-08-04 20:47:20
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desi in ottawa
Senior Desi
Member since: May 04

Posts: 1627

Beg to differ on this. IMO, there are more federal job openings in NCR (Ottawa/Hull region) than in GTA. And at the same time comepetition is intense since Ottawa is a high tech area as compared to GTA. Teh lay offs were mroe in Ottawa than in GTA, as I see it.

Again not every programmer position (even entry level) needs french. Jus tcheck out the ads.

Post ID: 22368 18-08-04 08:38:21
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Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 94
Location: GTA

programmer positions
You are correct in saying many ottawa programmer positions don't have French requirements...they are part of the 40% that don't. Again, from my last post, it is out of necessity that they don't "require" french...there aren't enough interested or qualified francophones. But again, speaking from experience, they will give preference to just so happens there aren't that many francophone engineers and programmers in the Ottawa area...otherwise all the federal tech positions would be bilingual. Go to any federal website...such as on official is their objective to Frenchify Canada....and they say it quite clearly.

Just talk to any federal programmer...and they will tell you they have been sentenced to a dead end career because they can't move up or around in the federal government without is suffocating.

I am actually in Ottawa...and if you are feeling the heat over the city of Ottawa itself becoming officially is a sign of things to come.

Post ID: 23464 27-08-04 22:53:43
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Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 94
Location: GTA

Canadian senator on bilingualism
'Language police' a figment of Citizen's imagination
Re: Call off the language cops, AUG. 19.

True to form, the Citizen's editorial reflects your ignorance and prejudice in linguistic matters.

Leasing contracts by commercial tenants in federally owned buildings do in fact contain clauses that call for respect of Canada's linguistic duality. These tenants enjoy prestigious spaces in federal buildings and have known since year 2000 that they are required to provide bilingual signage and service in both English and French.

These shop-owners were not "sucked into a bunch of meetings to make sure all their services are available in both French and English," as you state in your editorial. The fact is that Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) invited them to a meeting to review their commercial leases in the national capital region in the hope it could assure full adherence of all commercial tenants to their lease requirements. This was a recommendation of the joint committee of the House of Commons and the Senate in 1998. In her report of March 2004, Official Languages Commissioner Dyane Adam also supported this proposal.

Public Works and Government Services Canada is a federal institution and is committed to enhancing the vitality of the English and French linguistic communities in Canada. Ottawa is the national capital and should reflect our linguistic duality. Fostering full recognition and use of both English and French in federal properties is the law of the land.

The Citizen doesn't do justice to Canadian unity when it misinforms its readers with such uncalled-for insolent persiflage. There are no language cops; they are the figment of your imagination.

Respect, tolerance and understanding in linguistic matters should be the order of the day.

Jean-Robert Gauthier,


Senate of Canada

Post ID: 23465 27-08-04 22:55:05
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Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 97
Location: Mississauga

citizenship is important but fluency in french is not important so far I know
Every one has their own personality so do not comment on others. You will know better with time if you have patience.

Post ID: 23505 28-08-04 10:15:34
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Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 94
Location: GTA

French in jobs
Just go to:

to see all the federal jobs, and the bilingual jobs too.

Please note that bilingual BBB jobs means you must be reasonably fluent to converse in french in an office environment. Also, the BBB positions require testing every few years to see if you still know french.

Note that CCC bilingual means extreme fluency i.e. you can switch from French to English with extreme ease and fluency.

Post ID: 23558 28-08-04 23:17:46
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bally minhas
Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 03

Posts: 161

govt. jobs
I have heard that these jobs are available .
BUT WE NEED A CO-OPERATIVE APPROACH by established so-called INdians(?).
Anybody who is having a good job. He/She is not even intersted to look at new immigrants.
Look at chinese..
ok Let me cut it short.
these jobs are there .. WE NEED REFERENCES.. no gora is going to give it ( majority).
we need to create our credibility.
In last two and a half years of my stay in CAnada, i have seen that Our credibility is low.
Our people are not good at relationship building.
do u remeber indian cricket or hockey team... ALL INDIVIDUALLY BRILLIANT PLAYERS!
Sabir Bhatia.. individual,.. very good.. excellent brain

So where is team... where is support for other indians. It is our basic nature to take advantage of other person.
Does it remind u of Insurance agents.. they are very successful here. they build their house in one year itself... but of course with the commission money( hard earned in factories, truck driving , taxi driving) taken out of other indians.
i hope it makes sense.
LET US BUILD A TEAM!! ANY TAKERS!!?? TEAM does it sound a forein word!
bally Minhas:cheers:

trying to find real persons

Post ID: 23626 29-08-04 18:12:53
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Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 94
Location: GTA


The Premier
of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

August 20, 2004

Suan H.Booiman, Esq.

Dear Suan H.Booiman:

Thank you for writing to share your thoughts and suggestions regarding official

English is the official language of the province of Ontario as well as the administrative
language of the Ontario Government. However, considering that Ontario has the largest
French-speaking population in Canada outside of Quebec, the provincial government
introduced the French Language Services Act in 1989. The Act gives all citizens who
request French-languages services from the Ontario Government the right to be served
in French in 23 designated areas in the province. Although our government does not
intend to make Ontario officially bilingual at the moment, we are committed to giving
the Francophone community the services to which it is entitled.

In 2001, the City of Ottawa passed a municipal bylaw that allows it to operate in both
languages where deemed necessary. It is up to the city to determine how it defines
bilingualism. The city, not the province, will continue to decide what bilingualism means
in practical terms. Our government will not impose anything new on anyone.

I am proud of my hometown, Canada's Capital, where it is common to hear French and
English being spoken on the streets. That's why I believe the province should simply
recognize the existing bilingual nature of the city.

I hope I have been able to shed some light on the issue. Thanks again for writing.

Yours truly,

Dalton McGuinty

Post ID: 26732 25-09-04 22:17:16
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Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 04

Posts: 445
Location: Mississauga

bilingualism and gov jobs
I don't understand what is the big fuss. Canada is an officially bilingual country. It is understood that people who are bilingual have an advantage.

Yes, all gov jobs don't require french but some do, it depends on the location and the job itself, and even if the jobs don't require french, bilinuism could be an asset.

why do desis want to see discrimination in everything.

Post ID: 26832 27-09-04 13:40:15
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desi in ottawa
Senior Desi
Member since: May 04

Posts: 1627

just to add to the discussion:

As I understand,
Bilinguial imeprative-means must know both french and english (reading and writing)
Bilinguial non imperative - Need to get to the level (reading and writing) for both languages within two years after starting the job
English / French essential - self explanatory

Again, not all jobs need French. Look at the language requirements for each job advertised.

Post ID: 26981 29-09-04 08:49:04
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