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Employment References - How to go about ?

After going thru the job sites like monster, workopolis, I realised that good reference from the previous employer is one of the very important requirement of the the new employer in Canada. I have been working for the last 10 years in my present co. and our company has no such policy of giving such a letter. At the most (with great difficulty by buttering this person/that person) they will give a standard letter saying that '\" I worked from this period to this period while leaving my designation was so and so and my salary was this much\". I also cannot give any good reference from my colleagues because when my age is 39 now, all my colleagues are above 55 some are even 66 and 68. In fact we never shared a close rapport except for few formal talks. In fact boredom, lack of challange, and disgusting work environment is the main reason why I am leaving Dubai. Is any way I can build my new career and reference from the scratch in Canada by working as Volunteer, Working free for sometime, or in anyotherway. I am a Commerce graduate from India, worked 5 years in Bombay, 14 years in the gulf in accounts. I am not so hardpressed for cash and so can go on for 6 months to 1 year without any income (offcourse boredom apart!!), and I am basically looking for a good living with breakeven income.

Is anyway I can convince my employer that giving a good reference is hard for some people in some part of the world.? Any ideas !!! . I also read a lot of government services in Canada like host program, LINC etc. Are these programs are real?. Are these government programs really matches its words thru actions in these areas? .


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Though I had references from India...they were never checked by my employers here. However, I have also heard of employers calling the ME before hiring.
It is totally possible to get references while working as a volunteer etc. Infact, it is a good Idea if your resources permit you to do so And/or you are unable to find employment to your satisfaction.

Recommended Services-

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