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Age of child fare for airticket

my wife and my three children are coming from India to Canada by the mid of January 2010
the date of birth of children are given below
1. 08/10/2005
2. 13/08/2010
3. 05/05/2016
how many of them will be considered for child fare



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As a general rule of thumb for international travel, infants under the age of 2, pay 10% of the adult fare and travel without a seat. Children between the age of 2 and 11 pay 75% of the adult fare and have a seat of their own.

It'll be best to check if airlines have a variation of these rules and if so book them on the one that gives you the best deal.

If your wife is travelling alone with the 3 kids (well, the oldest will not be considered a kid for sure, he's almost 14 yrs), it may be best to book her on a direct flight from either Delhi (Air Canada and Air India) or Mumbai (Air Canada) to Toronto. It's a long flight, approx. 16 hrs, but its done in one shot. Depending n where in Canada you live that option may not work for you.

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Children aged from 25 months to 12 years are treated as children who are provided with a seat. There are child fares also but when you work out the fare sometimes it may cross the fare that is shown on airline's websites. Any one above the age of 12 is considered as an adult and pays full fare. If you apply for Dubai Visa, you may fill the online visa application form on website xxxxx <business promotions link removed>

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