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coming back to canada

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Originally posted by mmsn

thank you for your reply.

I wish to pay out in a phased manner. I can pay that. Not an issue.

But that will help me to recover the credit rating?

Most debts fall off your record in 7 years or so.

Why do you want to pay back racist Canada? Screw Canada the same way Canada has screwed so many immigrants like you.

Remember that racist cop who stopped you in Scarborough?

I know a Chinese guy who has $ 150,000 in student loans & credit card debt, who came here to do MBA. Canada was charging him 3 times the fees they were charging local students. He ran away to China after completing his education.:clap:

Also know a couple, who ran way or rather went back to Dubai after raking up bills here:D Both of them were well educated & qualified. Canada made them do labour jobs over here. Guy was an engineer/project manager in a top Oil & rig company in gulf and wife was a school principal in an American school in Dubai.

I would advise you to either stay in India & make a life there or if you come back to Canada, screw Canada once more, instead of paying back.

20% interest on Credit cards is highway robbery. The banks who issue CC are making Billions in profit each year from people like you, so don't feel sorry for them!

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