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Attic insulation contractors?


Do you know any contractors in Toronto that do attic insulation as part of the ongoing Enbridge subsidy?



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Post ID: 238762 09-09-19 15:12:56
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There are Qualified Inspectors who make a visit and tell you what it is that they do that brings you into compliance and will tell you how much insulation your attic and other areas need improvements or calls for and what Enbridge will pay you as compensation for the improvements. Please ask the Inspector for a breakdown and Cost savings prior to improvement. There is a fee charged for all of this. So, before calling for one see if they will discuss this over the phone or make a free visit. Even if you save 10-15% in fuel or GAS savings, it will pay off in 7 years. Thereafter that the savings are yours to keep, if you continue to live there. It also enhances the value OF THE PROPERTY marginally. Please discuss this too.

They have sensitive equipment that measures the efficiency prior to and after to tell you or prove that the improvements are well worth the repairs done to the property. Do remember that some repairs do have wear and tear, such as the seals used on doors and the caulking etc., by its shrinking. So they might need a touch-up or a renewal in some cases.

Hope this helps.


Originally posted by RaOne


Do you know any contractors in Toronto that do attic insulation as part of the ongoing Enbridge subsidy?


Post ID: 238792 02-10-19 23:18:21
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