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Starting with Cryptocurrency


I want to invest in Crypotocurrency but i dont want to be scammed !
Are there websites that are legit? plz send me! Thx - how to get free crypto


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Full House
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PLEASEREAD THROUGH and do your own DD and learn it well for 30 days. Then wear GALOSHES before you get your TOOTSIES WET.
PLEASE READ THROUGH and do your own DD and learn it well for 30 days. Then wear GALOSHES before you get your TOOTSIES WET.

It took me Three long years to get to know it. I am still leary about this CRYPTO stuff as it has lost its value and some countries are warning them not to get into them. SO YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN HERE.


What is..A cryptocurrency is a digitally-encrypted, decentralized currency that is not connected to or controlled by any government or central bank, unlike traditional currencies such as the US dollar (issued by the Federal Reserve), euro (European Central Bank), or Japanese yen (Bank of Japan), among many others.

Popular cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin- Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has grown rapidly in prominence as the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency.
Litecoin – Launched in 2011, Litecoin is used primarily as a payment transaction cryptocurrency that has been called “silver to Bitcoin’s gold.”
Ethereum – Released in 2015, Ethereum has rapidly gained popularity on the heels of Bitcoin, and currently has a market capitalization second only to Bitcoin among cryptocurrencies.
Ripple – Created in 2012, Ripple differs from Bitcoin in that it does not require mining to create the cryptocurrency.
Dash – Launched in 2014, Dash, or Digital Cash, was initially known as “Darkcoin,” and is unique in that it is considered a highly anonymous and secretive cryptocurrency that specializes in virtually untraceable transactions.
Then there are more. Please see the list.
Cryptocurrency trading is not available to US residents through US residents who are interested in trading Bitcoin Futures can visit our affiliate, futuresonline for more information. Trading futures contracts or commodity options involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Futures accounts will be held and maintained at GAIN Capital Group, LLC, a registered Commission Merchant ("FCM";).




This is NOT extensive. Please see Investopedia for the whole article.

What is 'Bitcoin Mining'
Chances are you hear the phrase “bitcoin mining” and your mind begins to wander to the Western fantasy of pickaxes, dirt, and striking it rich. As it turns out, that analogy isn’t too far off.

Far less glamorous but equally uncertain, bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve complex computational math problems (read: so complex that they cannot be solved by hand). The luck and work required by a computer to solve one of these problems is the equivalent of a miner striking gold in the ground — while digging in a sandbox. At the time of writing, the odds of a computer solving one of these problems is 1 in 7 trillion, but more on that later.

The result of “bitcoin mining” is twofold. First, when computers solve these complex math problems on the bitcoin network, they produce new bitcoin, not unlike when a mining operation extracts gold from the ground. And second, by solving computational math problems, bitcoin miners make the bitcoin payment network trustworthy and secure, by verifying its transaction information.

There’s a good chance all of that only made so much sense. In order to explain how bitcoin mining works in greater detail, let’s begin with a process that’s a little bit closer to home: the regulation of printed currency.

Read more: Bitcoin Mining Explained | Investopedia
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The 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin
What is cryptocurrency and altcoin? ...
1) Litecoin (LTC) ...
2) Ethereum (ETH) ...
3) Zcash (ZEC) ...
4) Dash (DASH) ...
5) Ripple (XRP) ...
6) Monero (XMR) ...
7) Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Materials that will help you further your interests in Crypto Currencies.

Quick look – Best brokers for cryptocurrencies
Free Crypto Trading – Voyager – ( Get $25 of Free Bitcoin – Sign up )
Best for US traders – Coinbase.
Best overall – AvaTrade.
Best for choices – Plus500, Etoro, AvaTrade.
Best platform and tools – AvaTrade.
Lowest minimum deposit – Etoro.
Best for leverage – Plus500.

Crypto Rating - Top Cryptocurrencies & Altcoins
Cryptocurrencies have been a hot trend in investing – since January 2017 crypto market capitalization has grown five times and reached $ 90 billion. What are the leaders of cryptocurrency market? Which cryptocurrency can boast the largest market capitalization today? Find out from Cryptocurrencies Rating based on data. If you think the cryptocurrency will grow or it has just made you good profit – vote “for” to let everybody know! Crypto Rating is based on the information provided by Crypto Currencies Rating.

# Cryptocurrency Price, USD Market Cap, USD 24 hours 7 days
1 Bitcoin (bitcoin) 6 368.05 $110 641 295 347 -0.32% -1.3%
2 Ethereum (ethereum) 207.22 $21 380 927 981 -1.51% -4.0%
3 XRP (ripple) 0.51 $20 385 261 694 -2.88% -5.0%
4 Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin-cash) 518.01 $9 042 612 991 -0.01% -14.77%
5 Stellar (stellar) 0.26 $4 886 274 978 -4.12% -0.65%
6 EOS (eos) 5.20 $4 713 706 228 -3.94% -8.15%
7 Litecoin (litecoin) 49.51 $2 928 450 884 -2.33% -9.62%
8 Cardano (cardano) 0.07 $1 920 968 920 -2.56% -6.88%
9 Monero (monero) 104.49 $1 731 047 576 -1.44% -6.49%
10 Tether (tether) 0.99 $1 684 852 880 -0.33% -0.51%
11 TRON (tron) 0.02 $1 459 542 680 -2.04% -8.49%
12 IOTA (iota) 0.49 $1 369 053 585 -0.47% -3.11%
13 Dash (dash) 160.74 $1 357 034 112 -2.62% -5.12%
14 Binance Coin (binance-coin) 9.27 $1 211 939 042 -1.09% -4.87%
15 NEO (neo) 15.43 $1 002 801 604 -2.23% -8.6%
16 NEM (nem) 0.11 $967 068 554 -1.2% 11.78%
17 Ethereum Classic (ethereum-classic) 9.07 $961 284 730 -1.76% -6.25%
18 Tezos (tezos) 1.25 $760 424 301 -1.69% -5.81%
19 Zcash (zcash) 127.51 $666 564 101 -2.95% -0.83%
20 VeChain (vechain) 0.01 $523 649 546 -5.38% -14.16%
Total Market Cap, USD: $189 594 761 734

This is a synopsis FH



Originally posted by Inetantewly


I want to invest in Crypotocurrency but i dont want to be scammed !
Are there websites that are legit? plz send me! Thx - how to get free crypto

EDIT.: 14th Nov. 2018
Market swings/ Down day.

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Full House
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Last night the BITCOIN was quoted at a 3990 level and it looked like it took quite a beating in the last 10 days. They were saying something about regulations and SEC getting into int and a few Rules and Regulations entering the picture. A few of them said that the EXCESSES that the owners enjoyed all these months were wiped out and they are now skimming on thin ice.

If I were the owner and I hold one such COIN, i will SELL and swap it for THREE GOLD coins and comfortably sit on it till everything blows over. As we all know in good times and in Bad too Gold has been a shelter for all of us and we have hedged it some time or the other.

There are my TWO Bits to post here.

EDIT: Charts A DROP from 400 Billion to 65 Billion bucks

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Post ID: 237385 27-11-18 15:10:55
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Full House
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Posts: 2660

The Stock markets were tanking as I write this. The TECH Stocks are taking a beating. The news that triggered all of this is one of intrigue! The say that they want the CFO of Huawei on Bank Fraud Charges. And I wanted to know more. When it appears in Black and White, you will also get to know.

At that time I noticed BTC the topic of discussion was at $3444 and was just floating around that level for a good while. The rumors have it that it will hit a level of $20,000 in the year 2020. WOW! Is it time to buy it or time to dump and run! I am at a loss. It must be one of the TEN BAG-GERS that is elusive.

Hope this helps as this week closes.


Post ID: 237408 07-12-18 16:50:48
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