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PM MODI.............& his endless hardwork.............

Inviting my learned friends, who are anti Modi, to please enlighten me on the facts if , what is presented is below not true.

What has Modi accomplished for India that other PMs have not ?

Brilliant Blog By : - Jay Menon, CEng The United Kingdom, Chartered Engineer (On Quora)

Clearly the Dynasty’s IT cell is winning the battle despite the media claims of BJP’s IT supremacy! Look at the deluge of anti-Modi questions that come up on Quora each day. Let us face facts, not opinions; when MODI became PM in 2014:

1 India was running an inflation of 10%, this is about half during MODI years

2 Between 2011 & when MODI was nominated as PM candidate in late 2013, Indian Rupee had tumbled 70% to Rs 67 a $ (from just Rs 39 few years ago); since 2014, Rupee is among the best performing emerging market currencies (although it should over time depreciate by about 3% a Year- being the difference in relative inflation - to maintain our competitiveness)

3 Since 2014, India’s current account deficit declined by 60%, fiscal deficit by 35%, foreign reserves 25% up, the best economic performance in a long time. We are trying to live within our means, not just focusing on vote banks!

4 India’s Corruption Index has improved by 8% on average in 4 Years. Our ease of doing business has improved from 142 to 100, over 30%. Our sovereign rating is one big notch up, the first time such a rating upgrade since the Vajpayee Govt. So, we pay about 0.35% less interest on sovereign debt. This helps not just India but more so the anti-Modi states such as deeply debt-ridden Kerala & Bengal.

5 Both our FII/FDI (foreign direct & institutional investment) have increased by 60%. No wonder our stock market has almost doubled in 4 years, an exceptional vote of faith by Indian & Offshore investors.

6 In 2014, India was the 9th largest economy. We became 6th two weeks ago & will become 5th before Modi’s current term ends in 2019. Relative growth is the key as "a rising tide lifts all boats". The Dynasty Decades delivered a miserable Hindu Rate of Growth (1.3% Per Capita) while our Asian peers produced roaring double-digit growth. Today, India for the first time is exceeding China’s formidable growth in 4 out of 5 Yrs.! The chart below, based on IMF data, tells the story well:

It took 67 Years, most of it under the Dynasty PMs, for India to become a $1.85 Trillion Economy. By 2019, we will be a $2.85 Trillion Economy, a whopping 50% higher just in 5 big years!

7 Between 1947 & 2014, we had many massacres between Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs which destroyed 25 lakh lives. The last 4 years witnessed an exceptionally peaceful time with little communal strife compared to the Dynasty decades, which thrived of “divide and rule”. Anecdotal lynching propaganda by selectively picking a few crimes from the 3 Million serious crimes committed each year is not a substitute for hard facts. These selective lynching & rapes stories flourish in our liberal media to the detriment of a united India!

8 Last year when India’s growth had tumbled to 5.1%, many liberals including the Leftist Nobel Laureate said our economy is in shambles due to demonetisation! The critics never mentioned India’s economy had dropped to less than 5.1% 5 times during UPA Yrs. Reputed Funds Manager Mary Manning highlights that domestic mutual fund investment has risen by 45% to $465 Billion since demonetisation. Stock Markets skyrocketed (40% in 1.5 Yrs.) since demonetisation as cash under the pillows migrated to banks & mutual funds! The “liberals” never mention the 40% increase in tax collection or the 5-lakh crore that Taxmen have on their radar following demonetisation!

9. Modi is given no credit for streamlining 700 taxes to few GST slabs as the media is focused on hiccups, NOT the huge benefits of such a profound reform!

10. Dr Singh, who ruled as Madam’s Nominated PM, led the most corrupt Govt in India’s history. Dr Singh, apparently at the insistence of his boss, also made such foolish decisions as subsidising Oil, 85% of which India imports! This was a subsidy for our rich 10% at the expense of the poor! The rich 10% of the society benefited most from oil subsidy as they drive & fly hundreds of times more than the poor. The subsidy burden though is exactly the same for the rich and the poor! This subsidy also benefited Arabs as the increasing demand due to lower cost at the pumps fuelled the rise of global demand & consequently oil prices as the supply is largely controlled by OPEC & its leader Saudi Arabia. India, today, feeds 35% of global oil demand growth despite much of Madam’s subsidies having been removed & taxes introduced by Modi to fund infrastructure, health, education, sanitation & rural electrification, also to bring the out of control deficits & balance of trade that UPA had left for Modi to fix!

11. Last year India built 9800 KM of 4/6 lane highways; never in India’s history a PM has done more than 2800 KM a year in the past.

12. When Modi came to power in 2014, the previous PMs over 20 years had built 2 GW of Solar Power. Today, we have 10 GW of Solar Power, 400% growth in 4 Years

13. North Indian housewives have long suffered inhaling smokes while burning firewood for cooking. In 67 Years, India delivered 105 Million LPG Cylinders, however in Just 4 years, 40 Million LPG cylinders were delivered to the poor. Many rapes must have been prevented as significantly less women went to collect firewood in isolated places.

14 Modi is given no credit for moving the 97% of Village Electrification to 100%, the argument is that Modi just finished the last 3%! If that last 3% was so easy to reach in inaccessible terrains of North & North East India, the Dynasty Decades should have achieved 100%, after all Electricity is not rocket science!

15 India’s Direct Tax collections grew from 2.8% of GDP when UPA left 4 Years ago to 4% today; i.e. a 40% growth in 4 Yrs. We are still far behind the 50%+ that OECD achieves, a legacy of Dynasty Decades & its soviet style socialism & license raj that stifled growth & encouraged black money in cahoot with the left!! You can do only so much in 5 Yrs. to mitigate the misdeeds of a wasted half century.

16 India’s foreign policy is no longer hostage to vote bank politics. Modi has fearlessly elevated India’s relationship with Israel, which has the best weapons to fight terrorism & the shadow war being perpetrated on our Western border. Modi has done this while also strengthening our relationship with Arabs, whether Saudis, Palestinians or Emirates’. Today, no other nation so deftly balances its delicate relations with Israel, Arabs & Iranians as India does!

17. Congress passed the original Benami law in 1988 but it was effectively operationalised only in 2016! The Benami law shifts the onus of proving the legitimacy of illegal wealth from Authorities to Owners. Although Congressmen have worked on many good laws, whether Benamy, Aadhaar or GST laws, the Dynasty wrecked them all when they realised these laws will harm their family & friends. How well Chidambaram company (with a hapless Dr Singh sidelined) foiled Nandan Nilekani’s hard work on Aadhaar is not a joke! No prices for guessing that Karti Chidambaram is accused of keeping multiple DINs & PANs! Modi now saves 60,000 crores a year using the same Aadhaar for direct transfers as theft by the middlemen is next to impossible now!

18. The Crown Prince, JNU, Owaisi & Yechury “secularists” frequently mock Modi for his overseas trips & his Make in India campaign. The significant FII/FDI growth & our diplomacy for the first time aligned to Indian interests are no cause for celebration to these secularists. On the pure manufacturing strides India is making, just consider smartphones! 5 Yrs. ago India was not visible in the manufacturing map for smartphones! In July 2018, Samsung inaugurated the world’s largest mobile factory in Noida, making 120 million smartphones a year. 37 mobile manufacturers have invested in India over the last 3 Yrs. In 2017 India became the world’s second largest mobile phone producer after China. India’s Mobile production has crossed 100-million & is slated to exceed 500 million in a few years (Ref: Goyal)

19. When the Dynasty government lost power in 2014, India had 500 Million wretchedly poor. Also, 61% defecated in the open, both World records! What a dreadful World record 67 years after independence! The number of poor who defecated in the open in 2014 was twice what the British had left us with in 1947. In 2014, we had 50% more poor than what India had when the original Mrs Gandhi declared Garibi Hatao 50 Yrs. ago! Just in 4 Years, India built 80 Million toilets, significantly more than what we built in 67 Years to 2014! In 2014, only 39% people had access to toilets, this is 76% by 2018 according to the Economic Survey. Railways built 125,000 bio-toilets during this period ((Ref Goyal)

The list of MODI achievements is endless. Yet, our vote bank politicians, Mulayams’, Lalus’, Mayawatis’, Mamatas’, Muslim League ( the same folks who divided India), Marxists, Christian Kerala Congress, perhaps even Shiv Sena, Aam Admi & Asaduddin Owaisi, i.e. a coalition of 19 “secular” parties will gang up to knock Modi off next year!

These fake secular parties are obstructing the enactment of one secular law - not a Hindu, Muslim or Christian law, but one secular law for all Indians as in secular OECD nations! Deservedly, these “secular folks” who exploit Indians’ religious, caste & linguistic insecurities, will be led by the only Crown Prince of the 5th Generation Dynasty of the democratic world! No doubt the disgruntled BJP “intellectuals” Yashwant Sinha & Arun Shourie will help the Dynasty defeat Modi’s “fascism”!

The only fascism that violated India’s constitution & institutions was Indira’s Emergency, which many “liberals” supported. The same “liberals”, without a shred of evidence of our constitution being infringed, accuse Modi of fascism!

Let India be prepared to revert to the HINDU rate of growth that would secure the Dynasty’s vote banks & Music Chair PMs for another half century!!

#India #Economy


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