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Poll:Tears of Joy - We are No.1 in IT Sector!!!!!
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Tears of Joy - We are No.1 in IT Sector!!!!!

My recent visit to the site made my eyes fill up with tears of joy, and as I sit here writing these lines to express my happiness - I have two large glasses filled with my tears in front of me. Like many of my dear brother and sisters CDs, I was born in a small town in India. A visit to the website mentioned above and the user friendliness of filing for the OCI card, made me feel so elated - we are indeed the No.1 in IT sector, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!! As I progressed through the steps of filling up this online form to apply for my OCI Card, I noticed my chest was expanding - with PRIDE. After few minutes, I was forced to take off my shirt, my chest had expanded by full 4 inches! My heart was filled with storm of emotions, being an old man, I come from a background where we used Big Black Landline Phone with circular dialing wheel to make STD calls (no no no, STD means Subscriber Trunk Dialing and trunk is not any part of any elephant). Our nation has taken the world by storm with its expertise in IT, we are the people who are envied for our strength in IT. The is truly a site with the best HFE and an UI which makes all the OCI Card applicants loudly.... ....exclaim I mean, what a marvel really!!! And it was then, while loudly..... .....exclaiming, I started crying the tears of joy.

I have been crying non-stop and intermittently laughing as well, can someone suggest what I may do to stop this? I am a hard working man, (earlier was hardly working man) and so must go out to earn enough to buy Wonder Bread. I cannot go to work howling in this manner, please can someone help?


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