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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > How to get a Job in India ? What are good Job portals or any other methods
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How to get a Job in India ? What are good Job portals or any other methods

I have tried Job portals like Monster India, Naukri , Times Jobs, Indeed etc in India.

But very few companies seem to advertise directly on them. Plus most jobs are for Freshers.

Its mostly low level recruiter's advertising jobs on these job portals. Like house wives, who have started some low level recruiting agency from their house. Their goal is just to collect your resume & Data. Lot of time wasters. None of them capable or competent enough to give you a job.

They just start some BS recruiting agency and advertise on these Job portals in the hope of getting some commission from the companies.


Senior Desi
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Post ID: 235247 18-06-17 02:31:34
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 17

Posts: 118

I am hoping to get Rs. 1 Lac per month in India. So 12 Lac , Annual salary.

I mostly have some Sales and Retail experience from Canada. Worked in Various retails stores in Canada . Also I have some E-Commerce experience in Canada, briefly worked for Amazon Canada. But just worked in their Warehouse.

Not sure, what I can get based on that. Will I get some additional points, just because I came back from Canada or they don't care ?

My education is I am a Mechanical Engineer from India. But never worked in my profession in Canada.
Now I am back to India, and have lost touch with Engineering.

Post ID: 235248 18-06-17 02:38:00
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Senior Desi
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U r all over the places... anyways its time to act... start selling on amazon ... it works in canada as well as India.

for Canada you sale cheap stuff,,, for india u sale fancy stuff

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

Post ID: 235259 19-06-17 11:52:28
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