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How do i extend my Employment Insurance benefits?

My Employment Insurance benefits are ending on April 15th. I had been away from Canada last year for 3 months which obviously they dont paid. Is there any way to appeal for extending my EI benefits for another 3 more months?


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Extending EI benefits
There are a few ways to entend EI benefits :

1. If you are pregnant and are more than 35 weeks pregnant, by the time that the EI end, you can extend it for some more weeks.

2. Try to get a job and get 600 more hours of insured income. Try to get laid off from that company after 600 hours of work, and you can extend your EI.

3. You can switch over from EI to Welfare or Social assistance, provided you fulfill certain conditions.

4. To conserve your EI, you can start using food banks and soup kitchens.

Hope this is satisfactory.


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Try for Program called " Ontario second career" - get certified or upgrade ur skills...

they will pay you for school as well as living expenses.

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