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when to plant vegitables

I have plans to plant okra (ladies finger) chilly, brinjal etc this summer. Is it ok to start seeding by the end of this month? where to get soil for this? btw i live in surrey, BC


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Please read Farmers Almanac.

Of late the seasons have never been the same. They all blame it on the 'EL NINO'. and I for one will take it with a pinch of salt. But just the same you know your local climate and please do check where it is that you are in B.C., and see what altitude that you are in and then again if you are always facing the sun or the shade, decide upon what it is that you should plant in that spot.

Produce like Brinjals are too heavy on the plant and will tend to break the branch. You will need sticks and cradles to take the weight and support them till you are ready to pick them. So, be guided by that. I get frozen Bhendies here, cut and ready for use 300 grams for 88 cents. Fresh ones in the season, for buck fifty a pound. I stopped growing them. I still grow a few items, mostly the spices, oregano, mint, Cilantro and Basil, all of the regular variety. Chillies in plenty. So, look for the Bhut Jolokia or the Carolina Reaper if you are looking to get into the top grade produce. I also grow a few Thai finger hot and the regular long chilies too. Other items are Taro leaves, Rhubarbs and a few gourds and pumpkins to top it. Some are wild variety. Last summer was a lot hot and dry one and it got worse till about the picnic time. I will be a bird watcher in the next.

Here is an old map of the region with planting ideas for you to look into. But please upgrade it if you do see it in the local Vancouver Sun for the next year. They change every year to next.

Long Range Weather Forecasts for Lower British Columbia.

Vancouver Sun.

Long time ago I used to pick one up. It was called the Farmer's Almanac. You get them at the Home Hardware stores. I used to view it in the library and photocopy a page or two at the library later on. That is the bible that the US Farmers followed it like gospel truth for hundreds of years. Now the NOAA has taken over the whole shooting match. This is all for your information. Hope it helps you in your gardening.

Grow only what is worth growing. Buy the rest.

Good Luck with your GREEN THUMB.

P.S. Pl. Get a nice garden stool and a set of knee pads too, if you have to bend or pick the weeds.
Originally posted by Rajani_1

I have plans to plant okra (ladies finger) chilly, brinjal etc this summer. Is it ok to start seeding by the end of this month? where to get soil for this? btw i live in surrey, BC

Post ID: 234021 18-02-17 16:13:31
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