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want to do somthing in transporation.

I am from IT and I working in big company in logistic and transpiration department. Is there any good course anywhere in Toronto especially in Transpiration. I know little bit about transpiration and logistic.

Any upcoming course is suitable for me.


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I am sure that you do not want to take a full time (FT) course. There are evening and Part time courses too. Mostly Diploma. They might just pertain to Supply chain also. So, get a calendar from these Colleges and explore and see where it will take you for starters.

Then there are SAP courses and they will take you to a level way above all of these College courses. But I am not sure if they have the data to parse and enable you to reach the International or the Global levels. that is for your consideration. So, think about how high you wish to reach and also see if there is any need for it here in Canada. If you make it to that level There are jobs there in the US that will get you started at a 250K level with a few of the Global Players.

It is your call.

Good Luck.


Post ID: 230865 04-04-16 17:36:55
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