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World T20 Cup ! India in India

Doing predictions for a 50 over match itself is considered tricky. Some pundits are predicting T20 winners.

Will India make it to finals this time ?

Past record shows two teams which are consistently reaching final fours are Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Both sub continent teams. Can they do so again ?

Will South Africa finally win a tournament ?

Where is your money ?

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Senior Desi
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Post ID: 230569 14-03-16 20:07:26
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Senior Desi
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You must have got the first glimpse today :D

The classic case of peaking too early.

Lets rather follow and support the women's cricket team which has been doing pretty well of late without the media coverage.


Post ID: 230607 15-03-16 18:08:28
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 10

Posts: 2006

India lost to complacency and NZ's well thought strategy. I am surprised that for 20 overs , Dhoni stood behind the wickets watching the pitch and he still did not brief the openers to spend time in middle. Anyways easy to comment sitting here. The better side won today and this made tournament even more interesting and tensed for the India fans.
Bangladesh- Pakistan tomorrow.

I have taken WFH this week and 2 weeks vacation there after to watch matches. :-) Crazy !

Yet to indulge in women cricket.. is it on TV ?

Post ID: 230611 15-03-16 18:34:08
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